Gday from Sydney! 21st – 25th April

Were in Sydney 8) – its gorgeous and sunny and a fab city.
We arrived early on the 21st and made our way to our hostel (harbour city backpackers – wouldn’t really reccomend it)
Our hostel is dead cheap but you pay for what you get. Still it’s 2 mins from the harbour and opera house, free pancake breakfast and free bus trips to Bondi beach, so we stayed put.

On our first day we walked the long way round to the harbour (not sure which way we went but it took more than 2 mins!) we did the tourist poses by the harbour bridge and opera house. We went inside the opera house and decided to treat ourselves and pre book tickets for the australian ballet – le sylpide. (for those that don’t know i studied dance at uni, so big fan) We managed to get tickets for monday night 25th, as its young person/ student discount night. We paid $40 each which i think in a bargain. (about 18 pounds) so tonight were getting our glad rags on treating ourselves to a meal (not super noodles) and going to the ballet. I can’t wait and will fill you in all about it next time.

Anyway on our first day we we got our bearings and sorted out bus passes etc. We bought a traveller pass with greyhound coaches that will get us from Sydney to Cairns (east coast) and then we might fly to Melbourne from Cairns to visit some friends there, visit Neighbours street etc then train back to Sydney before flying to Thailand. That is our plan at the moment but will probably change.

On the 22nd we booked on a coach tour to the Blue Mountains (which aren’t mountains! – ther’e canyons and rainforest) We stopped off briefly at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Stadium. It was nice to see but as the guide said there were years ago so not really a tourist attraction anymore. We then headed to Featherdale Wildlife Park. (a must for any tourist ) This park is a hands on park, where you can stroke and get photos with koalas, kangaroos emus etc. They just wander around the park (no real cages) We got out photos taken with a koala and kangaroos and I even touched a snake. (Darren didn’t he took the pictures!) On entrance they gove you a passpart and you can wander around the park and collect the stamps – so we completed our passport then looked at the other birds, crocs, wombats, dingos etc. It was fantastic and koalas and kangeroos are really great to see. After an hour or so there we headed to the Blue Mountains. We walked through tracks (or bush) and viewed the Wentworth Falls, Katoomba and the 3 sisters (rocks). We also saw rainforest areas, canyons, tea tree trees and eucalyptus trees. It was a beautiful national park and our trip included a packed lunch too. Our guide was really informative and told us how eucalyptus trees don’t die in fires so they encourage fires in the park as it helps nurture the soil etc – very interesting. After a few hours there we jumped on the world’s steepest railway – by george it was very steep! and rode backwards up the hill to the exit. The trian didnt have safetly bars really just a metal cage above your head. The seats near enough made you lie backwards and it was really steep. I think we felt more scared on that than skydiving for a few seconds!

On the 23rd we headed to Bondi beach. Beautiful but very commericial, we soaked up the rays and went in the sea. Then had a wander around the shops etc. It was an enjoyable chilled day especially after the busy day before.

on the 24th we went to the Rocks Market, Contemporary Art Museum, Darling Harbour, Outback centre, Paddy’s Market, China Town and off course watched Portsmouth thrash Southampton 4-1!! 😀

The markets were very different the Rocks was very tourist and specilised stalls while Paddy’s market was mad and exciting, Full of food, veg etc and loads of nic nak stalls it’s a must for a visit. We treated ourselves to a few things as it was so cheap.

We watched a few 30 mins digaredoo (not sure how to spell it) concert in the Outback centre – really good and free so even better. He expained the history, how to play it and how to breath etc and played some music to a big cinema screen of photos of Aus.

As the day was beautiful we wandered all around Darling Harbour and looked at all the posh restaurants, llisted to the entertainers and dreamt off owning a luxury flat etc. Wealso stopped off at the contemporary art gallery (a bit too contemporary and weird for me) and had a quick look around China Town.

Today 25th we wandered to Kings Cross (similar yto london’s area) and just chilling this afternoon until we go to the opera house! 😀
Sydney is fab, loving every bit of it. Were off to Newcastle Tomorrow and meeting friends to stay with them in Coffs Harbour. So speak soon

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