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4th- 6th may

Updated 12 years, 8 months ago

Hi again
were still enjoying ourselves! its hard not too. We had a great time in Coffs Harbour. We stayed at Hoey Moey and the guys in our room were a great laugh. On our first day we went to the big banana (not really worth a visit) We jumped on a monorail to tour the banana plantation which was interesting but not really worth the money. Still we had to get our photo by the big banana so did that.

In the evening we had a free bbq at the hostel. Once we spoke to loads of people we decided we would follow a guys tip and visit the pet porpoise pool (a must!) So the 5th we went to the show. It consisted of an hour and a half show of dolphins and seal lions, but it was an interactive show. Once they had completed there tricks every single member of the audience chose to feed a sea lion, shake flippers with the dolphins, get a kiss from a sea lion (called Ellie) It was amazing. At the end of the show you could hang around and play with the dolphins. I touched there stomachs - felt like rubber, threw and caught a ball from a dolphin and got a kiss from a dolphin - :D fab photos. Darren put a fish in his mouth bend down to the dolphin and he took it gently from his mouth!! :o We also fed sharks, fish and penguins. It was so hands on it was fantastic. If your into sea life like i am then you'll love it.

After the show we headed into town and wandered around the shops etc. Now im in Byron Bay and ill fill you in about here next time.

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