7th – 11th May

Hi again
6th – 8th we stayed in Byron Bay, in the Rainforest Retreat (don’t stay there) the hostel was a bit out of the town and wasnt the nicest of places I wouldn’t reccommend it. Unfortunetly we encountered our first full day of rain since we have been away. 🙁 (not bad – we have had nearly 3 months of sun) The problem with byron bay is all there is is the beach durning the day and then the night life so there wasn’t a great deal to do.

Still on the 7th we sorted out all our itinery for the rest of our time in Aus. We pre booked our Fraser Island 4 Wheel Drive/camping excursion and also our sailing boat around the Whit Sundays. So we have that to look forward too. We also got a cheap flight from Cairns to Melbourne so we can go visit Melbourne and Canberra before we fly out of Sydney.

I was quite glad to leave Byron as i didn’t really think that much of it. The nightlife looked good but because it was raining so hard and we were a 30 mins walk to the clubs we didn’t really go out. So when we arrived in Surfers Paradise (on the 9th) we decided to party for 2 nights in a row!!.

We checked into Cheers hostel (as we had a cheap accomodation voucher) It is a great hostel, cheap bar, internet, big outdoor communal area and nightly entertainment into surfers. It is also so close to the main attractions its ideal if your up for a big party time.

On our first day there we wandered around the town (in search of hair straightners – i couldnt last any longer without some!) We ended up on a bus to broad beach/pacific fair a huge shopping outlet about 5 mins from surfers, where i purchased a cheap international pair – luxoury. 😀 In the evening a few girls we had met during the day took advantage of my new gadget, so we all went out with gorgeous straight hair for the first time!!! We headed to Shooters. As we went with the hostel we got in the place for free and also got 2 free drinks. It was a good club with a small dance floor. The funniest thing was the staff were obsessed with keeping it clean and tidy. If you placed your drink on the table they would picjk it up and but a beer mat under it. You’ll just need to go there to understad the humour of it all!!

On the 2nd day (10th) we chilled in the morning then at 2pm we headed out for a surf lesson (the weather was ideal)- with get wet surf school. We had a pro – surfer, Scott, who was a typical surf dude! There was only 9 of us learning – all complete beginniners. After changing into wet suits or rash- tops we carried the boards down to the Spits. (beach) We lay on our boards and practised standing up hundereds of times. We had to lie on our stomachs with out hands under our shoulder blades, then push our right knee to the middle of the board, then left foot infront (keeping hands on the board), then swivel to face the side and lean forward and stand up. Sounds easy, and it was on the sand but once in the water it was pretty hard. However after many falling off attempts me and Darren both stood up and got some photos of us as proof too. It was really hard work as the current was so so strong but once you had mastered standing up it was quite fun. This morning though I am covered in bruises and my arms ache like anything from carrying the board but I guess you can’t really come to Aus and not try to surf.

On the evening of the 10th, we went to Melba’s – a nightclub/bar. The music was much beter than shooters and once again as we went with the hostel we got in free and also got some free drinks. However after the surf school we were both shattered so gave up partying quite early.

Tomorrow we are off to Brisbane and to meet up with a mate form University. So ill be in touch soon
Lara xxx

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