12th – 16th May

Hi again
Hope everyone is well back home. Me and Darren are well and still enjoying ourselves. (it’s a hard life)

On the 12th we arrived in Brisbane and checked into Banana Benders. We had the whole day to wander around the city so went shopping!!! We arrived back to hostel early as we were waiting to meet a friend from university – hi ya mini!!! 😀 Once she had arrived we had lots of hugs and giggles to catch up on the last year we have been apart. As Mini was working in Brisbane she became our personalised guide. We wandered all around the south bank, (beautiful) had a few beers and kept pinching ourselves to remind ourselves we were in Australia!!!

On the 13th we jumped into the role of traditional tourists!!! with day bags in tow we headed to visit the museums in the city. We walked/went in a really old lift to the top of the town halls clock tower for some views of Brisbane. We wandered around the Brisbance Museum, then headed to the Queensland Museum. However the best musuem was the Art Gallery – it was full of not too contemporary art works so was enjoyable to walk around rather than just seeing art works i could paint!!!

We had lunch in South bank and saw the fake beach (a beach in the middle of the city), the chinese temple and wandered around the market. We then jumped onbard the city cat boat and stayed on it for a few hours to travel up and down the Brisbane River. However at the last stop the heavens opened and it poured!!! Once stepping off the boat we saw the most wonderful double rainbow and bright orange skies it was amazing – so beautiful. So being tourists we took some shots while getting bashed by hail and rain!!! – very amuzing for others to see us – but the photos speak volumes.

In the evening we were out for a huge night to celebrate Mini’s birthday and meeting up. After having $5 steaks at the Tavern we headed out. So us 3, and Mary and Alex From Germany in our dorm, (hi girls) all headed to Tin Billy bar and Down under bar for a night of parties and drinks. We had a fantastic night full of much laughter, dancing and drinks. 😆 In down underbar lots of competitions were called out via the DJ. Mini did not here the jumping competion begin so when i started jumping around like a mad thing she thought i had lost the plot. Anyway my efforts paid off and i won a $20 bar tab – for jumping throughout the song JUMP. On the way home we stopped off for kebabs (like you must) and also for a quick photo stop at the metal kangaroos (art work). It was agreat night and much needed. Me, Darren and Mini woke up fine the next night while Mary and Alex gave in to our peer pressure and had bad hangovers!!! (sorry)

On the 14th we headed to Margate, to see were Mini is working as a nanny. The family seemed lovely and the area was beautiful as well. We walked around the red cliff pier and had lunch at the Hogs Breath. (these are everywhere in Oz but well worth a visit) We came back to the city and chilled in a rather groovy bar called The Piazza and treated ourselves to a Gellatisimo ice cream – wow!!!

On the 15th we were up early to head to Steve Urwin’s Zoo. (The cro hunter) We trained it to Beerwah and jumped on the free bus to the zoo. The day was sunny and hot and so perfect. The 2hr shows of Snakes, tigers, birds and crocodiles were really good. A bit scary seeing people play with crocs and tigers. The workers are so friendly and really get the crowd involved. After the shows we headed to the photo gallery to prove we all had a bit of steve in us (mini quote) and got a photo of the 3 us of with a bermese python!!! it was huge, really heavy but not greasy at all. For the rest of the day we fed elephants, saw camels, cheetahs, koals, kangeroos, lots of reptiles, birds and much more. It was a great day and well worth a visit. The zoo is huge and the animals live in huge enclosures and are played with and kept active all the time. It is a very hands on experience too so kids (even big ones like us) will love it.

At the end of our weekend we said farewell to Mini (love ya mate) and relised what a fab time we had had in Brisbane. Lots of people had implied Brisbane was quiet and dull but it was the opposite for us. Travelling teached you to enjoy every moment and what you make it is how good it is. Anyway enough of the morals, were still loving travelling and looking forward to Fraser Island and the Whitsundays.

speak soon
lara xxxx

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