17th – 23rd May

Hi all again
Its great to hear from people on this board So thanks to everyone who reads this and responds.

We have been so busy recently and feeling quite tired after all the excitment of the last few days. So on the 16th and 17th we were in Noosa, a quiet place for backpackers but with beautiful beaches and great weather, so we spent the day on the beach catching a tan (well trying too) We stayed at Dolphins Beach, just outside of town. The hostel was divided into apartments so we shared with about 8 people (2 rooms of 4) and all shared kitchen, bathroom and lounge room. The lads we shared with hired a DVD so we all chilled in the evening and watched that.

On the 18th we travelled to Hervey Bay, we stayed at Koala’s as it was included in our pacjkage for Fraser Island. The hostel was clean and great pool etc but it is a party hostel every night. Each day people return from Fraser so they have a welcome back party so it is noisy. Its a bit annoying as on the 20th (day we went to Fraser) we were up at 5am!!!

On the 19th, after wandering around hervey, we had a meeting at 3pm about our 4WD trip around Fraser. We were put into groups and met everyone we were to camp and drive with for the next 3 days. Me and Darren were the only English, there was 4 swedish girls (Emilie, Mya, Hannah and Cecile) and 4 Swiz (Chris, Julian, Joel and Sabrina – hi to all) We were given advice for buying food for the trip so ordered all our alcohol, meat etc them went to the local store for basic food. Buying and shopping for 11 people was amuzing!!! In the evening we all met for a beer to get to knopw each other a bit better and set a rule that after 5pm everyone had to speak in english, or you would be fined (a drink fine) Speaking in english weren’t too hard for me and Darren though!!

on the 20th we were up at 5am to meet at 5:45 am to fill/pack the car. We put our big bags in storage and took tiny bags and started counting everything off the check list eg cutlery, bbq, tents. After another meeting when we were given a route itinary and given our car bond over we headed to river heads to jump on the ferry at 9am. After 40 mins on the ferry and spotting dolphins again we arrived at Kingfisher bay on Fraser Island. For those that don’t know fraser is an national park sand dune island – basically we drove on sand tracks. We headed to Lake Mckenzie for a bit of swimming and bathing – one of the best beaches on the island. After lunch we drove via lake wabby to east beach. The beach just stretched for miles and was amazing to drive across. We stopped off at Maheno Wreck- an old ship wreck washed on the shore. From here to our camp I decided to drive!!! I was very nervous but driving on pure golden sand was fantastic I was well chuffed I did it. We camped at Koorroman – arriving about 3pm. You have to camp early as the sun goes down about 5pm and the tide is too high to drive past about 4ish. Me and Darren had no idea to put a tent up but luckily Mel helped us out. After putting up tents we all sat down with candles to a BBQ dinner of jacket spuds and hamburgers, sausages etc. Darren cooked both nights and I must say it was great food. After a few drinks the other Koala (company we travelled with) groups appeared at our camp. It was a great atmosphere and meant we met loads more people. After a quick pee in a bush (no toilets!!) we settled into our tent. I slept ok but I have never been in a tent before so the noises and my imagination of being attacked by dingos (wild dogs) sometimes kept me awake.

On the 21st we woke up at 530 am to watch the sunrise – it was quite nice but not really as amazing as we had hoped. On the second day after pulling our camp site down and packing it away, we headed to the northern most point – Indian Head. An aboriginal sacred site. We climbed to the top and looked at the sea – we saw a Whale, a tiger shark and sting rays. We then headed back south to Elli Creek for a swim and walk around. We headed to Happy Valley (shops on island) the drove inland to Lake Garaqongera for lunch. After more beach time we went to Rainbow Gorde – a huge huge sand dune of red, white, brown sand. We then drove to our second campsite near Eurong. We set up along with about 5 other 4WD teams. The ranger appeared and said watch out for dingos as they had been spotted. We unpacked the car and set up tents – while doing this we left our food outside on the floor – big mistake as mnext thing we saw a dingo run off with a loaf of bed!!!! it was so funny and all the other camps rushed to see what we were shouting about. We spotted about 2/3 more dingos before it got dark. We were told to shout dingo! if it came near us as it doesn’t like noice so the echo of dingo across the camps was so funny to listen too. However most people never see Dingos so we were quite lucky to see one and for it to nick our food it makes a great story.

After a feast of Mince, Pasta, Steak, Salad and Tatties we all had a few beers before joing the other camps for drinking games and more partying. Because we all start drinking at 5pm by 10/11pm everyone is nearly in bed as the days are long and hot so your so tired.

On the 22nd we woke up early and headed via Dilli Village (nothing there) to Lake Boomanjina and lake Birrabeen for a few photos before heading to Lake McKenzie for our last few hours of beach before we left. The whole three days was fantastic I would so reccommend the trip to anyone – even if you can’t drive some one else will. On the way back we docked via Wangoolba Creek and returned to the main land. After a stop to re pump the tyres we went back to koals at hervey bay and checked all the gear before getting our bond back. We jumped in the showers as soon as we were back – as there is no real showers on fraser (inless you pay and no one really does)

After grabbing fish and chips for dinner we headed to the night bus to Airlie Beach. We drove/slept on the bus overnight and this morning arrived in Airlie – staying at Reefos in a wooden cabin (very cool) Were here for 2 nights then were off sailing on the whitsundays – on our boat WINGS – we are both planning to learn to scuba dive too!!! Thats all from me speak soon.

Lara xxxx

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