23rd – 27th May

So here is my current travel entry!

23rd – we arrived in Airlie Beach and checked into Reefos. This hostel consisted of lodges for dorms. It was a village of wooden sheds for rooms. It was so so cheap but a bit of a walk to town – but me and Darren are so used to walking it wasn’t a problem. They also run free shuttles too town for those that didn’t want to walk. We bused into Airlie and wandered around to get our bearings etc. We headed to Wings office (or whitsundays sailing boat) and paid for a sailing trip. We had to watch a DVD about health and safety etc but nothing to taxing. We headed back to bed fairly early as we hadn’t caught up on Fraser Island sleep.

24th – we woke up intending to sunbathe and swim at the beach all day but once agin whenever we plan to do this – it’s cloudy or rainy. So we grabbed our books and chilled by the pool but with jumpers on!!! We decided to be active and go for a run – we lasted 7 mins before collapsing and thinking never again!!! We decided to walk into town instead and we walked around the lagoon and harbour to suss out where we went to collect our boat the next day. We chilled all evening as our big sailing adventure started tmrw.

25th – We checked out Reefos and dropped our bags into storage closer to the bus terminal for when we returned. We grabbed a Domino pizza incase we didnt get much food on the boat (how we were wrong!) We arrived at our boat named WINGS, a gorgeous 5* boat. The crew John, Jaz, King Dave and Harry were fantastic a great crew. The boat was wow!!! it was so nice compared to the hostels we had been in. We jumped abroad and were given lollies (sweets in Aus) water melon and loads of fruit just as a snack. We were shown to our bunks – me and darren got the best straw!!1 a huge gouble bunk to ourselves wile some guys who were so tall got the short bunks!!! We set sail and eaded to South Molle Island. We jumped into the dingy to et to shore an went for a coastal walk for about an hour or so. Once returned to WINGS we were offered Nachos and salsa as a snack!! you might have guessed the food was amazing and loads of it. After viewing or photos of the day on the big TV screen we all settled into dinner an then watched Mystic River with a glass of wine until we headed to bed.

26th – The boat started churning at 5am!! and its no noisy all the water sloshing around the boat and also the sway made quite afew people feel a bit sea sick but me and Darren were fine. fer breekie we sailed to Whitehaven beach – a paradise location and spot to get postcard shots of the sea and beach. It truly wasone of the best views I have ever seen and so worth a visit. After building a 5 layer pyramid of people (i was the top person on layer 5) and chilling in the sand/sea we headed back to the boat for lunch. We saw loads of turtles as we were sailing – or as I call them dudes!! (nemo) We headed to Luncheon Bay where we were going to go scuba and snorkeling. Unfortunetly as I had had a cold for the last few days I was not allowed to do an intro dive but Darren did and he really enjoyed it. Still I really struggled with snorkeling the first time i did it so i was determined to succeed and enjoy it this time. We put on our stinger suits, grabbed our flippers and snorkel and jumped in. After a few seconds I had snorkeling down to a fine art and was amazed by the views. We saw loads of coral and fish and even spotted 2 Nemo look alike fish. There were fluorescent rainbow fish too I forgot to say where we went snorkeling was the outer Great Barrirer Reef. I was pleased to have visited one of the wonders of the world and would reccommend everyone sees it if they can. After a good 2 hrs snorkeling we had dinner nd collapsed watching another dvd on the boat. In the evening (well 5ish) me and Darren lay on the front of the boat to watch the sunset and it was a speechless affair. The sunset – a beautiful orange colour reflected off the sea and was superb. The photos are great. It was a fab day.

27th – we rose early again and jumped into our stinger suits for our 2nd batch of snorkeling. This time we were in Blue Pearl Bay (again the Great Barrier Reef) This time the water was a lot colder -being 8am! and it was a bit muggy so not a clearas the day before. However after looking for ages I came across a patch were we saw fish over a metre long!! and loads of Zeebra fish. The amount an size of fish was bigger than yesterday but you couldn’t see any coral as it was too misty. We had been told to look out for Elvis, a 2 meter long fish!! however i didnt see him meaning the king is unfortunetly dead!! However I did see Priscilla – Elvis’s fish girlfriend and she was bg enough to scare me so if I had seen Elvis I would of swam a mile away!! After jumping bck on board we set sail back to Airlie. The whole 3 days was great and we were so glad we had upgraded to a tiny bit more expensive boat as it was so worth it. I would reccomend WINGS to anyone who is looking t sailing on the Whitsundays.

Once back on dry land we jumped on the greyhound bus and headed to Townsville – to jump on a boat to Magnetic Island.
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