27th May -3rd June

So where was I…

On the 27th, when we arrived in Magnetic Island we stumbled across the full moon party. Even though we were shattered we bought tickets intending to go for a short time , as you can’t miss a full moon party. We arrived at our hostel Arkies around 9pm and jumped in a shower to get going to the beach party – however we could not keep our eyes open we were beyond tired so decidd to flog our tickets (and make a small profit) and have an early night. The next day we were told we didn’t miss much and we felt so much better for sleeping so it was definetely a wise decision.

0n the 28th we woke up fairly late and jumped on a bus in search of a full english!! we headed to picnic bay 9as that was the first bus that appeared outside our hostel) we had a bargain breakfast/lunch at Mermaids – it was bargain cheap and delicious. Once we were truly stuffed we walked to Rocky Bay – aptly named as you have to climb over rocks to get there. Howeve once seeing the bay – beautiful again – we noticed the sunbathers and little or shall we say nothing on!! so we headed back to picnic bay’s beach and pier to sunbathe where people were a bit more covered up!!! The area we lay in had a huge swimming enclosure to protect you from jelly fish in the sea so it was ideal for a day of chilling.

Around 4ish we jumped on a bus to horseshoe bay (the top of the island) this time in search of dinner. After looking at a few restaurants we decided the cheapest way was to buy a box of cheap burgers some rolls and cook our own on the barbie on the beach. We couldn’t have askd for a better time as when we started eating the sunset appeared. We headed back to the hostel around 6ish having relized we had travelled nearly everywhere on the island. The bus only cost us 8 dollars to get everywhere we is about £3.

29th – we jumped on a ferry early back to Townsville and then jumped on to the bus to Cairns. We arrived in Cairns at 5pm and a friend picked us up. (Hi to the Rudolphy family) After settling into our gorgeous room (Stayed in Earlville) they had prepared a beef roast dinner for us – the works! we hadn’t had a roast in 3 months so it was worth every mounthful – yummy.

30th – we went into cairns city, a very quiet city. We walked all around the harbour and lagoon and looked around loads of travel places for day trips. We finally settled on a day trip to the Atherton Tablelands, travelling via Kuranda train and skyrail through the rainforest and then an afternoon at Tjapukai Aboriginal park. Once that was booked we wandered through 2 art exhibitions. We looked at Tim Leck’s photography gallery – all the postcards in Aus are photos from this guys exhibition and they are to die for.

In the evening I went to sample andd view a local dance school called Turning Point. The studio was amazing. They all had sprung floors and mirrors and proper barres – the pupils didn’t realize how lucky they are. Bless my dance school back home with its hard concrete floors. The school taught RAD ballet which is what I have always studied so it was great to seehow they teach here. The standard was very high and it was great to view. On the following day the 31st I also went again to see the modern classes. I enjoyed it so much and made me realise how much I can’t wait to study at Italia Conti when I get home in September.

31st – didn’t do a great deal. We sorted out changing our flights to Africa and booked our safari. So a practical day instead of an action packed one.

1st June – our day trip to the Atherton Tablelands. We got picked up at 730am and dropped at the Kuranda railway – a really old railway that travels for an hour and a half up the mountains to the rainfforest. The train was very modern inside with commentary and videos telling you what you were travelling past. We had a quick stop at the Baron Falls – a spectacle waterfall through a canyon area. Once arriving in Kuranda we walked up tp the markets – lots of trash but also some nice things too. After lunch we jumped aboard the sky rail (a cable car) It has 2 platforms to disempart and looka round but the whole journey form top to bottom of rainforest is approx 45 mins so its a long trip. The ianforest was breath taking – magnificant views. We jumped off at both pitt stops. The forst was Baron Falls were we saw an even better view of the falls. We also wandered around the interactive museum that tells you all about the rainforest – it was really interetsing and the games were fun . The 2nd stop, Red Peak, was a free guided walk around the rainforest. The guide knew everything there was to know about trees, plants animals and was interesting too.

Once at the end of skyrail we entered the Tjapukai Aboriginal Park. The park is full of videos and live shows and we also got a go at spear throwing and also bommerang throwing. It was interesting to learn atbout how the whites entered Aus and destroyed so many of the Aboriginals and there culture. It was a great day out.

2nd/3rd June – not much happened we di our washing, went for a walk around Earlville and then headed for the airport to fly to Melbourne.

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