Hi all again
I have just returned from treking in the jungle- and it was hard. The heat and walking with rucksacks was not enjoyable. So we arrived in Chiang Mai on the 19th in the eary evening to pouring rain. The hostel SK was quite nice but the cockroaches that the rain brought out weren’s pleasant.

20th- we headed out with 7 British guys and ourselves in a truck to head to the market for drinks for the journey. We drove 2hrs north of Chiang Mai and first stop was a waterfall. We took our shoes off and walked up it!! very scary but as it was so hot the water was refreshing. After lunch we drove to a small village where we were bombarded by Thai women selling all sorts. You had to keep saying no thanks but they pestered non stop. After a few of the lads bought things the group and our guide T headed into the jungle on a 2 hr hike. The hike was more like a climb and we all started to die of heat and tiredness very quickly. After loads of small stops we finally reached the house (brother of the guide) where we were to stay for the night. It was very basic, one big room with a shelf the length of the wall for us to sleep on, a toliet (well hole) outside, a small cooking area and a stream to wash in running past the house. After a quick dip in the stream we settled down to a fantastic Thai Green Curry. Later on the guide cooked a frog which we all tasted too (well i didn’t as it looked horrid) Once the mosquito nets were we headed to bed. We both slept well but going to the toilet in pitch black with a torch was a bit scary.

21st- We woke up to see an elephant waiting for me and Darren to take us an hours walk back down the mountain. We climbed up a huge platform and jumped onto his back. He was huge. We plodded slowing for an hour – and it was great fun but not very comfy thats for sure. We arrived in a village (of Burma refugees) for a short drink before we walked with T back to the truck to take us to the river. By this time there was only me and Darren as the others were staying for a longer trek. This personal contact with the guide made the trip more fulfilling. He told us all about how the tribes are formed and as we walked through loads of little villages, children ran out saying hello and waving it was so moving. Once in the truck we headed to the river to laze down a bamboo raft for an hour. It was beautiful, though the water was a bit muddy. However the heat got a bit too much so we were glad to get off after an hour into the roofed truck to head back to Chiang Mai.

All and all the trip was good and it made me realise how materialistic I am but it was hard work and I dont think i could have lasted much longer. I was glad to get back to the hostel for burger and chips and a hot shower.
Lara xxx

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