24th June – 3rd July

Hi again.
On the 24th June we jumped on a 3rd class trian to Hua Hin. We had been informed 3rd class was horrid, there was no fans, or chairs etc. However we went with our instincts and bought a ticket. The train had seats, fans and windows and though they were not the most comfy seats we couldn’t complain as the 4hr journey cost us less than a pound!

In Hua Hin we stayed at Ban Pak Hua Hin, it was really a shop that rented out a few rooms but they were really clean and cheap. We walked around to get our bearings and headed to the beach. In the evening we walked to the night market area and bought some more treats. Darren also ordered some suits to be made at a tailors – cheap compared to England.

On the 25th and the 26th we kind of did the same things. We went to the beach during the day and headed to the market early evening before eating out. On the 25th the skies opened on the beach and we had to sit under our umbrella for protection form rain rather than shade. In the evening we risked eating form a street vender and found the food was delicious, so so cheap and filled us up. The Thai women found it very amusing watching me try to use chop sticks though. After food we went to a bar for a few cocktails, after i run away form our table because a lizard appeared we got chatting to a “mum and dad” couple. After a while they bought us a drink and wouldn’t let us buy them one back. As they got up to leave they whispered “we have settled your bill”. We were so taken a back – it wasn’t a big bill but the thought was so nice.

The 26th consisted of the same really – beach then dinner at a lovely Thai and French restaurant.

27th – After waiting an hour extra at the train station we headed slowly to Surat Thanhi. We arrived at 5pm and after been hassled by a few Thai’s trying to con us into boats to Samui we jumped on a bus to the harbour as the guide book recommended. We jumped on the 730pm boat to Samui and arrived in Na Thon (Samui port) around 9pm. There was no taxis to be seen but one guy who claimed he was a taxi offered a price too Chaweng (where we were staying) so we travelled with him.

We arrived into a busy street and found Charlie’s hut, our accomodation. The huts were similar to Fiji huts but a bit bigger and with a hose shower and toilet. After an english dinner of sausage, chips and beans we headed to bed.

28th – woke up and headed to the best beach we have seen so far. The water is pure blue and crystal clear – its beautiful. All the hassle of the last few weeks in Thailand kinda slipt away. During the day I endulged myself and had a foot scrub (get rid of dead skin!) a Pedicure and Manicure all for 5 quid. Darren even got his feet peeled (though not sure if I was supposed to say that 😆 ) At 5pm we headed back to get ready for going out in the evening. We stumbled across Crystals a cheap and delicious restaurant. I ate duck and chips and veg and darren had shark all for 150 Baht. (2 quid) In the evening we thought we would have a luagh and headed to a place called Amsterdam – a transvestite cabaret. The guys/girls costumes were amazing but the fake singing was awful but well worth a laugh and the show was free so filled the evening.

29th and 30th – consisted of more sun bathing, eating ice creams, swimming and reading books. We wandered aropund all the shops in the evening and had pizza one night and italain the other. On the night of the 30th the heavens opened and leaked into our hut!! Darren headed to the office to swap rooms and after a bit of hassle we were moved for the night. In the morning (1st) we went back to our hut and was told they woukld fix the leaking roof during the day.

1st – having had a enough of the beach we booked on a tour of Koh Samui. We visited the Plai Laem Temple (a temple with loads of arms, looked like something from a theme park) We also donated money to the temple that was being restored and wrote our names on the tiles. We saw the Big Buddah – a huge gold buddah that is seen from miles away. We then headed to Khunarm Temple – to see the monk who dies 20 years ago, sat upright and has an open casket. He was ina box so wasn’t as bad as expected but still a bit spooky. We stopped at a quick photo stop of Chaweng Beach then we drove to Grandfather and Grandmother rocks – basically some rocks in the shape of phalic symbols. We then headed to Namuang Waterfall (number 2) The waterfall was beautiful and well worth the 20 min hike to it. Our last stop was Nathon Town were we bought some copies of Cd’s for a bargain price. We crammed a lot in the day and didn’t have much longer than 15 mins in most place but it was worth the trip.

In the evening we headed out with Alex and Andy from our hostel to a 50 Baht cocktail bar. The cocktails were a bit rough but it was a good night.

The 2nd and 3rd consited of similar beach days and eating out in the evening. Ko Samui is a beautiful Island and is much better than northern Thailand. On Monday we head to Malaysia so my next post will be from there.

Thailand has had a lot of ups and downs for me. I have found the culture hard to cope with now and again but I guess thats what you learn about when travelling. The beaches are beautiful and food is great too, and as my diary states it hasn’t been all bad!!

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