4th – 11th July

Hi all
First I should do a Happy Birthday mention to a few friends. Cheryl, Katie S and Katie T. Hope you all had a great day. xxx

So I’m now in Kuala Lumpur and enjoying Malaysia much more than Thailand. However similar to Thailand it started off a bit dodgy!. On the 4th we woke up really early to get a taxi to the Ferry to jump a boat from Ko Samui back to the mainland. We then got taken by bus to the bus depot were we waited an hour for a taxi to pick us up and take us to the next bus! Th enext bus was a 10 seater mini bus and so cramped with 10 backpackers bags and no boot!! We headed for the Thailand/Malaysia border and passed through with no problems then headed off to Butterworth and across the bridge to Penang. The journey took well over 15 hours and with little food and drink we were shattered. We arrived in Penang and the bus driver stopped and said “everyone off”. We tried to tell him we had all paid to be dropped at a hostel but he was having none of it and had taken all our bags out!! So we were who knows where at 11pm at night!! Bit scary. A really kind guy appeared and said my hostel is full but walk down here… and you’ll get too some more. He then gave us maps and told us the company we had travelled with did this to all travellers but not to worry.

We arrived at Golden Plaza, that didn’t really live up to it’s name – it was a dump but at 2 quid a night we couldn’t complain. After having the choice of the whole hotel we picked a room and crashed for the night. We woke up late on the 5th and headed back to Stardust (where the guy had helped us the night before) and had a full english. We then wandered around Penang. We looked around the Kontar shopping centre, visited the Sri Mariamman Temple in Little India and had a guided tour around an Islamic Mosque as well. In the evening we headed to Little India for a wander around bollywood streets and had a curry!

6th – We decided to head to Butterworth on the ferry to book our bus to Lumut for the next day. Once back in Penang we bought a few more DVD’s and had a Mac Donalds.

7th – We took a ferry from Penang to Butterworth then got on a bus to Lumut, that took 3 hrs. Once in Lumut we got on another ferry to Palau Pangkor. We arrived at Lumut jetty and were shouted at by 3 different desks to buy boat tickets from them!! They all sold the same tickets and prices but obviously fight for business. Once in Pangkor town we jumped a pink taxi (yes it was pink) with 2 girls from Holland as they were heading to the same place. We arrived in Teluk Nipah and styed at Nipah Waterfront – this hotel was like the HILTON to us. It had cable TV, air con, a fridge, ensuite, a huge bed and so much room. After Penang’s accomodation had been so bad we decided to have a treat and this room was what we had ordered! and it only cost 7 pounds each a night.

8th – We headed to the beach. The sea was pretty rough but it was safe to go in so was good for colling down. At night we watched the sunset over the sea- beautiful.

9th We hired a kayak for an hour and headed to Coral Bay Island (about 15 mins away) Once there on a deserted Island we got back in the kayak and haded a third of the way around the island – before turning back as the sea was a bit rough. Once back on land we headed to Coral Bay (opposite coral bay island) and sunbathed. This was the only area that we travelled in that had been affected by the Tsunami and there was not much damage left except for one set of bungalows that were still damaged and standing.

10th – We sunbathed yet again, ate more Malaysian’s food and drank milkshakes.

11th – We got a boat back to Lumut and then a bus for 4 hrs to bring us to Kuala Lumpur. We have checked into the China Inn and so far it seems really nice. We are right outside China town and you step outside the hotel on the hustle and bustle of the market.

I’ll fill you in about KL next time.
much love
Lara xx

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