12th – 17th – Visiting a hospital in KL

Hi all
Yes you read the intro right – i ended up in hospitial in Kuala Lumpur.

After feeling really ill I went down the the local hospitial. After registering into the hospital I saw the first Dr who referred me for blood tests etc. On seeing a specialist Dr he confirmed that I had a bad water infection that had moved up to my kidneys , resulting in a kidney infection!!! 🙁 The asked me to admit myself to stay a few nights under observation.

Unfortunetly even in my ill state the receptionist still tried to con me out of money saying the only bed in the whole hospital was a VIP deluxe costing around 80 quid a night. Darren was a star and said if thats the only room we need a letter saying that, otherwise our insurers would not pay back. After much delay a bed appeared on a ward for me!!!

Once on the ward there was only 2 other people and 3 free beds – so they must have been lying!!!

The nurses were fab, they all spoke quite good English and helped me whenever i needed it. After being on a drip for a few days I got discharged along with a packet of tablets. 😀

After a few days rest at the hostel we set out on 1 day of sightseeing in Kuala Lumpur. On the 16th we headed to the Petronas Towers. They are well wortha visit, the 2 towers are huge and fantastic to see in the day and at night when there all lit up. After a few photos by the dancing waterfalls we headed into the KLCC – a huge 5 floor department store full of designer stores.

In the evening we walked to the Golden Triangle and had a gorgeous dinner at TGI’S. We then headed back to China Town and looked around the mad hustle and bustle of the market. We both haggled for watches and enjoyed the commotion of the whole market.

This morning the 17th, Darren headed off to the Dr, who plyed him with tablets etc. Clearly we were both really run down but thanks to the Dr’s they have placed us back on track.

Next were off to Singapore, one place I have waited the whole trip for. So hopefully next entry will be a bit more active and less illness!!

lots of love
Lara xxx

ps Well done mum and dad for not worrying too much, even though I had wanted to rush home as soon as it happened I’m glad I didn’t love you both x

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