18th – 22nd July Singapore

😀 Hi everyone,

On the 18th we travelled by bus to Singapore. It was a country I couldn’t wait to visit and also one my Dad was really keen I visited too. After crossing the border and getting our passports stamped we checked into Backpackers Cosy Corner. A basic hostel but clean and with free breakfast and internet usage all for 6 pounds a night something you can’t complain about.

Once we had dumped are bags we went for a wander to get our bearings. We were staying in the outskirts of China Town and the city centre. Opposite was Parco/Bugis shopping centre and after a wander we ate in a cheap restaurant. At this point I have to say that after visiting the toilets Singapore is very very clean. The streets are sparkling, no cigarette buts or chewing gum in sight. Everyone had told me “it’s so clean” but it really is.

In the evening we decided to walk to the closest tourist board to get our handful of leaflets, and once reading them we headed ot bed.

19th- 21st Orchard Road shopping!! Orchard road is the queen of shopping streets, however it is not that cheap even with the great singapore sales being on. The road is fullof 20 plus arcades with at least 20- 50 shops in each arcade. As you can imagine it took 3 days to go round most of them. However I did get some bargain outfits. I also bought a Swarski crystal in the shape of a globe as a reminder of my round the world trip. I have to boast that i bought it form the branch in Raffles hotel – the most expensive hotel in Singapore. We are yet to go there for a Singapore Sling cocktail but we are planning to do that on our last night here.

During these 3 days we also went into Fuji and got some of our photos printed. We were gonna wait till the Uk but it is so cheap to print photos it was worth doing. Once we had them in print too it was great to look back over Australaia and all of Asia.

I should also tell everyone that I have decided to come home at the end of my time in Singapore. Throughout travelling in Asia I have been ready to go home, and after my spell in hospital I think I knew it was time to go. I felt that travelling on to Africa would be unwise especially as I had kidney infections and it could be so easy for me to catch an infection again , especially if i was trekking. Therefore after much hassle trying to sort out a flight home I (well more like my mum in the UK) sorted one out. I fly home on the 27th July the same day Darren travels to Bali. Darren is going to then travel to Africa and go on safari himself, as it is a dream of his to visit Africa.

Anyway back to Singapore….
On the 22nd we headed to Singapore’s Zoo and Night Safari. Even though the zoo is a good hour away on the MRT it is well worth a visit. It was fantastic. We arrived at 10am and left at 10pm it was that good. The only down side was the restaurants were a bit rubbish. One thing I was a bit gutted about because I was not going to Africa was about not seeing Lions or Giraffe’s however Singapore Zoo came to the rescue. There were 3 giraffes and about 10 lions. We also saw loads of species of Monkeys and gorillas, elephants, tigers, rhinos. hippos, polar bears, seals, birds, and so much more. Generally the animals were in huge enclosures with load of trees and ropes to climb over. The shows were fantastic too. They were really informative especially about the endangered animals and also showing kids how to help the environment.

In the evening we headed to the one and only Night safari in the world. It had great reviews but for us was a bit of a disappointment. We jumped on a tram to the far end of the zoo and passed herds of deers and loads oif strange looking endangered animals. I understood that the object of the night safari was to view animals at night but it was really dark and unfortunetly really hard to see the animals. The show was great though and made the evening.

I would definately recommend the day zoo but maybe not the night zoo. We had a great day and for me it was my mini Africa so I was well chuffed I had seen the Big 5. (Lion, Giraffe, Elephant, Rhino and Buffalos)

More to come about Singapore so keep an eye out….

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