23rd-26th My final leg

😀 Hi again, here is what I got up to on my last few days in Singapore.

23rd-24th More shopping at Orchard Road. Unfortunetly the weather was quite rainy so we had planned to sunbathe but as the weather wasn’t too good we hiked round more shopping arcades.

In the evening of the 24th we headed to Bugis cinema to see The Island. Fab film, I was hooked the whole way through. The twists were great and Scarlett Johanson and Ewan Mc Gregor were great in it. Everyone should go see this film – it was great. Up to this point I have forgot to say that we have been eating at Hawker centre’s. Basically they are food stalls but really cheap and huge portions.

On the 24th as we were walking to the market, I slipped and sprained my ankle so we headed back to the hostel with an ice pack in tow. You might have guessed form my diary that I’m really accident prone!!!

25th – We chilled during the day, collecting our photos we had got printed at Fuji (as cheaper than UK) and in the evening we put on our glad rags and headed to the Hard Rock Cafe, off Orchard Road. We were going for a farewell meal for me and also I was treating Darren as I was going to miss his birthday in August. The atmosphere was electric and we managed to consume a whole 3 courses each – we shared starter and dessert. The steak was cooked to perfection and the chocolate brownie dessert was huge!! We left after I treated myself to a T-Shirt (not a trashy one I promise) and we got free rubber “save the planet” bangles as our bill was over $60. The whoel evening cost us 30 quid for the food and 10 for the tshirt – a bargain if you ask me.

26th – We headed to Sentosa Island. We travelled to the Island by cable car, spectauclar views of the city and of Merlion the statue on Sentosa. Once again it was raining loads so we went armed with our white ponchos (sexy!!) and after a subway lunch headed to the mini golf hoping it would stop raining. The transport was excellent on the Island you just got on free buses that took you everwhere and were really frequent. They also had a monorail but it was being fixed while we were there. Luckily it stopped raining intime for the golf tournament! We completely 2 mini golf courses in 3 hrs!!! Darren won the first one by miles but he only won the 2nd course by 1 stroke and that’ only cause i was rubbish on hole 17!!!. There was one hole where you had to shoot the ball into a net, i couldn’t do it for love nor money but the guy who worked there saw me struggling and came over. He showed me how to do and on first attempt I sent the ball flying … into the net. I was well chuffed. I also scored a whole in one!!! and in the second course completed all the holes in the reccomended shots so I was pleased.

Late afternoon, we headed to the beach, Siloso. The beach was a fake beach but looked gorgeous, surrounded by palm trees. We decided to walk to the southern most point of Asia, especially as we had been to the most eastern point in Australia. We crossed to the point along a huge rope bridge and then climbed hundreds of stairs to get a view of Sentosa.

In the evening we headed to watch the magical light show – well worth the wait for it. The dancing waters, performed to music, laser lights and images projected onto the water were breathtaking. A fab 30 min show and well worth the wait. It’s hard to describe how amazing the show looked but it was a fab way to end Singapore.

I have loved everything about Singapore, and would love to visit again – perhaps with loads of money so I can actually buy more things in Orchard Road. It has been a great way to end my 5 months of travelling. Leaving on a high is always the way to return home. x

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