I’m back home

Hi everyone.

This will probably be one of my last entries in the diary as my RTW trip has come to an end.

After a really turbulant flight home form Singapore, I arrived at Heathrow to be greeted by my mum with a helium balloon saying welcome home!!! After a big hug we jumped ina coach back to Southampton. It was great to see her and even better telling her about my experience. (eg she wanted to listen) We arrived in Southampton and headed to the car park – hoping it was open as it was late in the evening and the car park was pitch black. After a few moments of uh oh how do we get home. Mum pressedthe emergency speaker and the lady said, no it is open. Panic over so we drove home.

On reaching the house I cold see my mum had been busy, making banners saying welcome home Lara. It was nice to have been missed.

Having been home a few days I have bombarded myself by eating all the food I missed and by using hair straightners, make up and even having a soak in a huge bubble bath! 😀

I thoroughly enjoyed my travelling experience and intend to bore all my mates with the details and photos. However corney it sounds I have learnt things about myself, eg I feel more independant, I will follow my dreams now and not worry as much what people think of me. I have learnt how Western I am! and that I couldn’t live anywhere in the world even if I thought I could, England is home for me. I also realise how lucky I am. Travelling has also shown me how my relationship with Darren is really strong. Living 24 hrs a day and travelling with a partner has had its moments but I’m glad I chose to travel with him. From meeting so many different people from all walks of life I hope it has taught me not to judge as much. I’m by no means perfect but is taught me to be more open minded in many ways. Anyway enough of the corney stuff my highlights…

Best country: For me has to be New Zealand. The adrenaline activites like skydiving, swimming with dolphins, white water rafting, ice treking were fab and the country was great too. It’s a place I’d love to return too.

Best cities: Hard call, but Sydney, Melbourne are ace. Singapore (though a country i know) is fab too and even though Bangkok is dirty and busy it had a great charm to it.

Moments I’ll never forget: (This list will be long…)
➡ Walking along the stars at Hollywood.
➡ Swimming with wild dolphins in Paihia.
➡ Sky Diving – wow!
➡ Franz Josef Glaciers and ice treking.
➡ Seeing the Australain ballet (twice) but really special when at the Sydney Opera House.
➡ Meeting my mate Mini, and showing our Steve at Aus Zoo.
➡ Fraser Island and the Whitsundays.
➡ My time in Melbourne, Ramsey Street, The Great Ocean Road. Seeing the 12 apostles (especially now as there is only 11! – one collapsed)
➡ Bangkok was so different but I think thats why I liked it.
➡ Ko Samui beaches.
➡ Singapore’s shops, and Sentosa’s night laser show.

The whole trip was great and I think i have summorized my overall experience. So that’s all from me. Feel free to leave responses about my diary, I’d love to hear from anyone.

Take care and enjoy travelling.
Loads of love
Lara xxx

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