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Only 10 days to go!!!!

Updated 12 years, 2 months ago

Hi everyone!

Well, since I'm new here, and this is my very first post in my new diary, I guess I should introduce myself before I write anything else!

My name's Olivia, I'm 19 and although I'm originally from England, I've been living in Germany for the last 5 years. The reason for that is because my dad's German, and my mum's English. After I was born we all moved to Germany, where we lived for 6 years, then 2 of us split up- not going to mention any names :wink: - and my sister and I moved back to England with my mum. Stayed here for 8 years, and then decided it was time for a change again, and I moved back to Germany with my big sister, where I still am today- well actually not TODAY, cause today I'm in England visiting my mum and preparing for my 6 month RTW trip, which, as you can deduce from the subject title, I will be commencing in- argh!!!- just 10 days!!

I first got the idea to go on a RTW trip- from my mum!! I know- how embaressing :oops: - but on the other hand- very cool- Thanks mum at this point!!!
She'd offered my sister to buy her the ticket for her 18th Birthday, but as she couldn't find anyone to go with she ended up declining the offer! So, in the name of fair play, I got the same offer when I finished school (which takes a year longer in Germany- hence the 19) and decided to accept, even if it meant going alone!

So that's how everything began, with the simple offer of a ticket- but little did I know then, how much else was involved in a RTW trip!!!

But in the name of suspension (and not boring you all half to death in my first post :wink:)....I shall tell you all about my next post!!

love Olivia*

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