Visas- check, money- check, vaccinations- ch..oops!!!

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Visas- check, money- check, vaccinations- ch..oops!!!

Updated 12 years, 1 Month ago

Well actually I didn't forget to get mine- but I can easily understand how some people do, amongst the hustle, bustle and (light) panick that goes along with the planning of such a long trip!! -Which, as I promised in my last entry, I am going to tell you all about today!

When my mum first offered me the ticket, I was so excited at the prospect of heading off into the sunshine alone, that I didn't even consider all the other things that such a journey would entail- I was just like; "Ticket? Yippee! Let's go!"

But as time went on, and I realized I had better get a start on the very quickly dawned on me, that this wasn't going to be finished with a quick visit to my travel agents!

I realized I'd have to:

- out of a thousand BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING countries pick just A FEW to visit!! I mean that's just torture! It's like being presented with Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp and Heath Ledger all at the same time and then being told you may choose only one arm to take home :cry:!!

-choose the best/cheapest time to go (which, for me, was November) and when to come back

-figure out which visas and vaccinations I'd need for the arm I'd picked :)
(TIPP!! Try not to take Lariam malaria tablets, apparently the scary side effects happen to 1in100 who take these, where as other tablets only harm 1in1000- read up about them on the internet!!)

-get a credit card, get traveller's cheques, figure out out my budget (TIPP!! I budgeted with the £25/day estimate, and since I decided to visit 9 countries, I used to convert £25 into each of my countrie's currencies, and wrote it all on one page- which was sooo useful when I was finding out hotel prices and stuff, cause I'd just sneak a peek at my page, and could see if I could afford it or not etc!!)

-get a backback, mosquito net, sunscreen, new trainers.....

-figure out what I wanted to do in the countries I picked, and how I wanted to travel around in them

So all in all I realized, that with only a few months to go before my flight left, there was still a hell of a lot to do...and a lot of money to be spent, beside the ticket cost!!

But somehow, it now being only a week before I depart!!!, I have managed to complete all of the things on the list above- *pat on back*!!- and that, despite the permanant brigade of parents and uncles breathing down my neck, who all felt the need to (individually!!) call me up about 1000x a day, just to check that I'd written up all my important addresses?, and got my visas?, and bought the malaria tabletts? and packed enough toothbrushes...? :roll:- Well, even though it did annoy me at times- thanks for caring guys :D !

Well, I think that's about all I have to say about my preparations for now, tune in tomorrow (or whenever I get around to writing my next post:) ) to find out about what to do when you're in an amazing relationship, but have the travel bug!!


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