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Love versus adventure???

Updated 12 years, 2 months ago


As promised, my opinion on what to do if, like me, you've had a gap year planned for ages, but have in the mean time fallen deeply, madly, head over heels in love :roll:!!!

Nightmare 8O!! Or at least I thought so....

I'd decided I was going to go on a RTW trip at about 16. And I couldn't imagine that there would ever be anything in my life that would make me change my mind about that...especially not a bloke!!!

But alas, at 18, a meer 12 months before I planned to head off into the sunshine, I fell victim to the charms of the male species...yet again :oops:!
But at the beginning, we didn't even think about my plans- I mean who knew where we'd both be in a YEAR- possibly sending each other linguistically colourful death threats :twisted: ??

However, as the months went on...and I realized that this relationship might actually NOT end with a deaththrea..erm, I mean, a breakup, I realized I had to do some serious thinking!

Well after my "serious thinking" session. I decided that my best policy would be to....convince him to drop everything he had planned, and join me :D (which, realistically, he COULD have done (no hard feelings*cough* :cry: ) But OK, the guy had a...reasonably fair...argument, of wanting to get on with climbing the career ladder before he was too old to lift his legs (don't worry, I'm not dating OAP's, the man's only 21, but you know guys- they can be so melodramatic :roll:)

But fair enough, I guess not everyone can be as lazy as me about life :). So anyway, he applied for the apprenticeship he wanted to do (I selfishly hoped he might not get it straight away- but, as life goes, and happily for him- he did!!).

Ok, so he definitely wasn't coming- so was I going to give up what I had been looking forward to for so long to stay with him???

Well I guess we all know the answer to that now :)- but believe me it wasn't an easy decision to make!!
And there were soooo many times, where I was this -- close to putting off the whole thing to a later date....and yet...thanks to a WHOLE bunch of really helpful advice, and a lot of encouragement and support- including my boyfriend, despite what it would mean for us- I decided to go, and sitting here now- I know it was 100% the right decision!!

It may not be the right way to go for everyone, but the way I see it, a trip like this really is a once in a life-time opportunity. Had I stayed, and something unexpected had come along and broken us up, I probably would have regreted not going for the rest of my life!!! (Ok, so women can be a little melodramatic sometimes too 8)!)
And this way, whatever happens when I get back- at least I know I'm going to have had an absolutely AMAZING, life changing, 6 months!!!
Should we grow apart in that time, and become two different people, then realistically, we weren't as perfect for each other as we thought! And should I return to find we both still love each other as much as we do now- then I'm thinking we'd be pretty much inseperable for quite a while! -I mean once you've survived 6 months on other sides of the world, meeting loads of new people and experiencing totally different things- what else could possibly prove a problem???

So to all girls- and guys- out there in similar situations- if you want my opinion (and even if you don't :)), GO FOR THE ADVENTURE every time!!! Your friends will still be your friends when you get back, right? And your Mum will still be your Mum?- so if your other half's no longer your other half- then he/she wouldn't have been worth waiting for in for the first place!!!

Besides- Australian surfer dudes??? Do ya really want to miss out on them :wink:???


PS Only one week to go!!!

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