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This time tomorrow…..=)

Updated 12 years, 2 months ago

..well, nothing very exciting actually- I shall be sitting at Heathrow airport- but this time the day after tomorrow- I should be lying on the beach in Florida-geting sunburnt :oops: :wink: !! Yippeeeee!!!

The reason it's taking me sooo long to get to Florida, is because I booked my flight to LA before I realised it would make sense to go and visit my old host family, who, since I spent a year with them in 2002, have moved from Kentucky to Florida. So even though it's RIDICULOUS!!( is that how you spell that??) I'm flying from Heathrow to LA tomorrow, then running over to terminal 6 and hopping on the next flight ALL THE WAY BACK to the east coast- crazy I know- but hey, I love flying, and they always show good movies :D!! So after more than 24 hours travelling, I'll be arriving in Florida Saturday afternoon our time!! But it'll be worth it I'm sure!!

It's a very weird feeling, sitting here, knowing tomorrow I'll be gone, and that I won't be back for a looong time!!

It's a bit like being in a trance..on the one hand I'm just soooooo excited at the prospect of all the things I'm going to see, all the people I'm going to meet, all the adventures I'm going to have...and on the other hand- it's all a bit dawnting and very overwhelming now that it's all just 24 hours away!! And on the 3rd hand (ok, ok, I don't have a 3rd hand- so let's say on the left foot!) I'm sitting here thinking about all the people I love so much...and for how long I'm not going to see them all- it'll just be me and my backpack for 6 whole months!!!

Very odd indeed!! Oh well, I'm sure as soon as I spot the first beach I'll be fine- especially since I just heard the weather forecast for Germany- 0 C, with a good helping of snow and drizzel- gosh, I'm sooo sad to be missing that 8) !!

Anyway, so I guess I'll say bye for now!! And my next post should come to you from Florida, USA- that is, if I don't collapse before I get there 8O !!!

Love, Olivia*

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