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Updated 12 years, 2 months ago

Hey guys!
Now the longer version- here's my first morning (has nothing to do with Tampa anymore- but I can't figure out how to change the subject- if anyone knows, please let me know=)

And so the journey has beguntheth!! Yippee=)!

After a rather undignified start to the day, in which I, so startled by the sound which has been absent from my life for so many weeks, threw my arlarm clock clear across the room in a fummbling attempt to dissarm it, I am now sitting (slightly more dignified) in the departure lounge at Heathrow Airport, eagerly awaiting for my gate to be called!!

I say only slightly more dignified, as I have in fact just finished sowing up two holes in my trousers leg!! "What are they letting her travel in?" I hear you say, but alas, if was my bright idea to wear my favourite two year old jeans. And I have to say, despite all the sowing, I don't regret the decision (as yet)- they really are sooo comfortable!!!
The only thing I do regret is having had to sow up TWO holes! You see, to start with it was only the one, and acknowledging its threat to become huge (as did the hole on the other leg, which I sowed up last week) I decided that action must be taken (didn't want to ARRIVE in LA already looking homeless now did I?=)!).

Anyway, so I had just finished my extremely successful "sitting on chair, sowing up jeans, whilst wearing them" procedure, when I decided that aaaalll that was missing for complete perfection, was a maybe little straightening tug...and yes, you guessed it! I had created a whole new hole about 2cm above the old one- clever, am I not=)?!!! So with a- "you total plonker Olivia!" and a pitiful "I wish I had someone to share my stupidity with right now" I set about sowing up the next one (So glad I stole that mini sowing kit from the last hotel!!!)

Anyhow, so after this most fantastic start to my journey across the globe- I checked in my backpack and sat down again somewhere else in order to open the sweet goodbye card from my mummy- and promptly faced my next dilema- it seems that the little men in colourful vests at Heathrow Airport have been playing "hide the bins"- probably because of bomb scares, but not very useful for moi, trying to dispose of my gum and envelope!

Eventually I gave up searching and diposited the whole lot into the sanitary towell bin in the ladies=)...only to find a huge bin right by the X-ray maschines!! Oh well- always enjoy a visit to the public restrooms of a place- gives you a real sense of the culture!

Oooh, my gate- see you later!


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