Flying over the States...and back again!!

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Flying over the States…and back again!!

Updated 12 years, 2 months ago

Presently, I am sitting in seat number 47C (an isle seat) on the Air New Zealand flight Nr. 001 to LA (well I mean, obviously not now presently, cause NOW presently I'm sitting at the computer but when I wrote it the first time I was!)

I had discarded my "always bag the window seat" theory for this trip, as I thought it would be easier to access the toilets, stretch my legs out and walk around a little from an isle seat.

...Oh how wrong a girl can be!!

Well could I know that MY isle seat was going to be the one DIRECTLY next to the in-flight kitchen? With personell running in and out in 5 second intervals for the entire duration of the flight? No, I could not!!
Was I aware of the fact, that the idea of sticking my tired, gradually swelling legs into the isle for relief was about as dilussional as thinking Brad's gonna dump Jennifer in order to marry me? No!
Was I conscious of the fact, that the "room under the seat infront of my seat" was going to be half the size of all the other seats? No.
And was I notified that I would be having "Property of Air New Zealand" things dropped on my head at regular intevals every time the staff opened their overhead, which- yes you guessed it- just happened to be located right above my head? No! Somehow they forgot to mention that at the check-in desk! :D

But nevermind- I mean at least sitting hungrily dirctly beside the kitchen should assure me priority with getting a meal, right?
Erm, actually no! The people who smell the food first, are in fact the last to taste it - some kind of company policy I assume:)!!

But despite all that- I am in fact thoroughly enjoying the flight, and next to me is a lady from the travel industry, who has been giving me innumerable useful tipps and ideas of things to do!!

Meanwhile I have arrived in LA- the bus that took me from Terminal 2 to Terminal 6, from where I was catching my flight BACK to Florida, was CRAZY!! Think Italy and you know what I mean- who needs a signal when you can just hoop your way across lanes, right? None the less, it was fun- and woke me up better than my alarm clock this morning :D!!

Flying over LA by night was SPECTACULAR (I bagged the window seat on this flight!)! It's soooo huge- it looks like a giant ocean of golden pearls, stopped only by the blackness of the real ocean! And all the planes flying into the airport looked like huge big stars- it was amazing.

So after landing to warm air, palm trees and crazy bus drivers, I found myself, 5 hours later, landing at snowy Newark Airport (a bit before New York!)!! So even though my swollen ankles may never forgive me for my almost 2 days of flying- I wouldn't have changed it for the world! Apart from Mr.Sniffles/coughles/spittles, who I had the pleasure of being squashed next to on my LA- Newark flight for 4 hours and 40 minutes- it was amazing!!

Another 3 hours and one fruit smothie later- I land in sunny Florida, to more palm trees- and to my horror- rain! At which point the "you always take the weather with you" song becomes extremely worrying, and I think about all the people, who I annoyed for so long with my "Well, I'm off to Florida to get a tan and you're not" line! And I see them all watching the weather channel with a huge big grin on their face=)!

Oh well! It'll be sunny tomorrow though, as everyone has assured me! - Or was that just because I threatened to get on the next flight out again?!

What a couple of days!!! An amazing start, and I can't wait for more!

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