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Tampa, Florida (really this time!)

Updated 12 years, 2 months ago

Today is Thursday already! I can't believe how fast the time has flown!!

I've had a wonderful time here! My old host family hasn't changed at all, all the kids are still as cute as ever (all four of them!) and they now have a kitten and a cocker spaniel puppy- sooo cute!!

There's orange, banana and grapefruit trees in the garden- yummy!! and the beach is a bike ride away!! We took out the jet ski on Sunday, which was sooo much fun, but the water was very polluted there, and it makes me sad how little a lot of Americans seem to care about the environment- recycling is a foreign word here and HUGE cars are left running just about everywhere for longer periods of time! But I've given up trying to convert them, they just don't seem to care!

Apart from that I've been busy trying to get a tan and eating all the American food I've missed out on since I've been gone- so much for the diet =)!!

Off to the beach now (the water there is GOREGOUS- kristall clear, white sand, and loads of really nice shells- we're right on the Gulf of Mexico here!!), and then it's off to Wallmart for some shopping- yippeee- and there goes the buget!

Saturday night I'll be in San Francisco- exciting :D!

I thought I was going to miss everyone so much, but now that I'm gone, and the sun's out, and the palm trees are swaying, I just can't stop smiling 8) !! I am so lucky to be doing this all!

Right well that's it for now- I'll let you know what San Francisco's like next week!

lots of love,

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