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San Francisco!!

Updated 12 years, 2 weeks ago

Hey all!!

Well, I've been in San Francisco for 2 days now, and so far... I've had an amazing time!! Can really recommend the hostel I'm staying at to everyone- USA Hotsels- it's clean and the people are fab here!!

Have already visited Alcatraz, seen Santa turn on the Christmas lights and blow fake snow out of maschines- so magaical, even for big kids=)!! Been to the rainforest cafe (blew my budget, but it was fun, and it was someone's birthday!), seen Chinatown, been to the Heights (old hippie district- but scary to be honest, lots of odd characters haging around there!!), been to the Castro (Gay area-nice!!) and from there on to twin peaks- fantastic view of the city!!, been on a cable car (and met a really friendly driver, who's offered to show me around tomorrow- not sure if I'm going to call him though!), and met two really nice bus drivers- a really friendly lady and a very intelligent man, with whom I discussed God and the world on his break- so, really I've had sooo much fun!!

I'm going to try and cycle over golden gate bridge tomorrow, and hopefully visit Muir Woods, and then I'll be off to Las Vegas on Wednesday, hopefully by car, yet at the moment via Shuttle.

I have soooooo much more to write here, but times running out, and I've got it all saved on my notepad, so I'll add all the rest of my experiences next time!!!

loads of love from the states!!

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