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Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated 12 years, 1 Month ago

Ok, so first of all Las Vegas is awesome- but I really wouldn't recommend going if (like me!) you're under 21!! It's great to look at, but there's really very little to do, except drink, gamble and dance the night away- all of which is forbidden to you by law!!

That's America for you- drive your car into a tree at 16 and get shot in Iraq at 18- but for GOD'S SAKE don't put 5cent into the slot maschine!!!!- Lord knows what evil consequences that might bring!!!

But apart from that I've had an awesome time- the hostel's in a pretty dodgy area, but it has a hot jacuzzi to make up for it- which is great to sit in when it's cold all around you, and you're in the hot water (it's outside you see!).

The casinos are HUGE, like little cities all of their own- and they're pretty to look at, and lots of them put on some great free stuff- but on the other hand, I just think- what a waste!! And what really made me mad, is you walk into these places (I, being 19 am allowed in, but I must keep moving- I am not allowed to linger- they're just protecting me from the evils around me=)!!), and all you hear is coin after coin being thrown into these slot maschines, then you walk down the strip, where several Salvation Army guys were ringing their bells- and evryone just walks straight on by!!!! Unbelievable!! It really makes you think!

Do have loads more to say about my time here too- but as usual- time's running out!! But I will write this all up properly at a later time!!

loads of love,

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