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31. November
After an 8 hour (free=)) drive through desert, desert, desert, the Colorado River, and oh..more desert, I am now sitting in a very expensive hostel, $31/night (though I've just discovered over the internet its $20!!nevermond) in Santa Monica, LA! Cesar (the guy I met in Vegas, who was part of our 8 man group that drove to the Grand Canyon) just dropped me off right outside, and the area seems really nice, which is fab!

The hostels nice too, but very big..and the people I've met so far are..erm, to put it mildly, a little odd! I had been warned, and it's true! One girl in my room has built a tent around her bed with blankets, the other has just gone to bed in her jacket! There's one Argentinien lady- she seems nice.

1st December
Remember tent girl? Well I wake up this morning to tent girl shouting at Argentina lady in her sleep this morning! Argentina lady, who is wide awake and looks quite terrified, hasn't slept hardly a wink all night for fear of waking everone up with her alleged snoring. Tent girl still loundly complaining that these noises are worse than an animal's, is in fact the only one polluting the room with noise at this time!!

Eventually, after being told to shut up, Tent girl quietens down, personally, I can hardly stop laughing, but Argentina lady is genuinly horrified by the goings on, and leaves immediately, making me promise to do the same!

Later I cough and receive a sleepy "go to hell" from tent girl. I smirk, and go back to sleep! - You do meet some characters!!

At 8:00 am construction work on the floor above begins- time to get up I think!

3rd December
After an almost illegaly unhealthy breakfast at Jack in the Box, I head off to Hollywood with an Australian girl from my dorm- one of the more normal occupants=)!- do a tour of the Star's Homes, and only see LEONARDO DiCAPRIO in front of the Chinese Theatre at the screening of his new film "The Aviator"- totally awesome expereince- made me feel about 5 again=)!!

On the way back we bump into two others from the hostel and all get the bus back.

Interesting experience on bus:
Two drunk (at least I hope they were) black people get on (one man, one girl). Bus driver asks man for pass.
Man offers nothing in return apart from the most informative statement that his "name is Willy!"

Bus driver tells him that despite this, he still must pay the fare!
"Willy" is of the opinion, that this must be because he is black!
Driver again demands 45cents, Willy shouts a few things before saying that he will not give the driver 45cents.....but he will give him a Dolla!

Don't recall if Will ever put a dollar into the maschine or not- but he did, much to the other's relief, leave the bus a few stops later, after the police had been informed.

Personally (you know me) I found the whole scenario rather amusing. However, the drunk black lady- still on the bus- obviously didn't, and tells me, who she affectionately refers to as "b*tch" to please be quiet- or as she put it "shut the fcuk up"!

This I don't find quite as amusing, as she seems quite serious, and as she starts mutttering something about cut head's and boiling, I'm quite relieved when she exits the bus!

The driver's really friendly though, and after picking up another nice guy on the bus- we all get off in Santa Monica and go for Nachos and beer (except me of course- I had a coke=(!)

Tent girl has just changed rooms, because there is now actually really someone snoring quite loudly in our room! So after either telling the girl on the top bunk that she "stinks like a pig" or telling the sleeping woman (who couldn't care less) that she "snores like a pig" (I couldn't quite make it out through her huffing), she dismantelled her tent and stormed out- LA- it's well worth a visit- it sounds weird, but I seriously love it here!!

4th December
Earthquake 1000 on the Richter Scala this morning, or at least that's what it felt like when the men started work on the 4th floor this morning! So I crawled out of bed, and into the bathroom and then decided to go and have a closer look at those crystal chandeliers on rodeo drive!

There we met the offivial ambassedor of Beverly Hills, who has been in a few films (as himself) and just loves to tell anyone who'll listen about it! (For anyone who's a movie buff, it's the guy in the red cout, who sais "welcome to Beverly Hills. you have arrived!" (Crocodile Dundee III and some others!!) Personally I didn't have a clue who he was, but then to be honest, I probably wouldn't recognise a celebrity if they sat on me (apart from Leo ofcourse!!)!

Later on me and Australien girl went to the CBS studios to catch a free taping of " The Late Late Show", standing outside the huge CBS STUDIOS, I asked an Australien guy, if he was going to watch the show at home later on that night, and he seriously asked me what channel it was going to be on=)- very funny!!!

5th December
Ok, for some reason as soon as a weirdo wants to check in, they look at the plan, and go, oh yeah. hang on Room 318's free, we'll put you in there!!!

Have two...possibly homeless people in with us now! One was yelling at everyone lying asleep in their beds to "sit down"?! (She was asleep too however - I hope anyway!!)
While the othe one got up to open the door and stick her shoe in it?! The purpose of which somewhat mistifies me- as both air and light were readily available in the room. When I thought she'd gone back to sleep I removed the shoe- as the slide card safety mechanism does become somewhat meaningless when the door is ajar!!
This morning, just as I was leaving, I caught her jamming the dustbin in there!! Go figure!!!

You do meet some characters- but it's been an absolute blast I'll tell you!! And despite all I'd heard- I've liked LA the best of all the places I've been so far!!!

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