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Grand Canyon

Updated 12 years, 1 Month ago

Headed off the to the Canyon from Vegas on Saturday morning with two cars, two guys and six girls!!

After a couple of minor hickups- like an hour ride to get the car and Sara, the Welsh girl I'd met in San Fran, and our 1 over 25 driver, slipping on the freshly mopped wet floor and falling on her not yet quite healed broken leg!!- we set off at about 11 am!!

After a quick visit to Hoover Dam, we found ourselves at 7pm, about an hour from the Canyon, by luck we found a motel withJacuzzi and pool, and two rooms with two queen sized beds in each- which worked out at $16 each!!! After a hillarious meal at Denny's with a waiter who I swore could have been Jim Carrey they looked so alike, we went back for a swim and a spa!!! Awesome day, brilliant night!

Vow to get up at 5.30 tomorrow and head to Canyon for sunrise- ofcourse only 4 of us up and ready, when it came to crunch time!!

Got to Canyon- cold and snowy- but just UNBELIEVABLY beautiful!! I tell you- it was like nothing I've ever seen!! Awesome!!!

My tipp: def. rent a car, don't do a day trip- get much more out of it!!

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