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San Francisco #1

Updated 12 years, 1 Month ago

Highlight of the trip from the airport was a naked guy at the side of the street, who looked totally content, if not a little complexed as to why there were 5 policemen standing around him?!

Anyway, arrived safely at the hostel and hawled and heaved my baf up the stairs to reception (apparently, the trick is not to arrive with a full bag- well no-one told me!)

I was assigned to room 401-, yes ofcourse, that did mean 2 more flights of stairs to master!!.

I entered my room and searched for a free bunk, which appeared to be to a top bunk.
Fair enough I sais to myself, as I look around for the ladder.
Around 2 minutes later I finally had to admit defeat and accept that there just was no corner of the small, bare room left, where a ladder could be hiding- there wasn't one!

After an embarresing performance of trying to scramble up the side, you can't believe how relieved I was to find, that I was by far not the only one to suffer several minor injuries whilst trying to get in and out of bed!!
To add to it, I lost my blanket to the floor in the middle of the night, and decided it would be the lesser of two evils to chill, then to break both legs and possibly an arm in an uncontrolled mid-night rescue attempt!

21. November
As part of my "All you can eat waffel and pancake breakfast", I decided to skip the embarressment of making a mess at the waffle maschine and made a pancake. That is to say, I attempted to make a pancake, but due to the fact that I completelt ingnored all FOUR non-stick sprays standing around the stove AND the huge sign reminding me to use them, I was instead able to create a quite new sort of dish, which I like to call "scrambled pancake"!!

(To my defense, even with the spray, my attempts were no better!! But then, to my further defense, there wasn't a person in the place (except for one American guy- who was greatly admired by all), who was able to make anything that even slightly resembled a pancake- it all tasted great however=)!!!)

Love Olivia*

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