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Just fown to Fiji (well actually I didn't, I did that last week, but as usual, I'm just typing up the notebook=)!).

Started flying on monday and arrived here on Wednesday (no, wasn't the longest flight in history, but somewhere alomg the way we crossed the dateline and "schwoops", there went my Tuesday! But then again that did mean spending a grand total of $0 on Tuesday, leaving me with more for Wednesday=)!!
I remember my travel agent assuring me I'd get the time back somewhere along the way, but since I keep flying the same direction, I;m pretty sure my Tuesday has left me until I decide to travel back the other way one day- who knows what coulod have happened to me that day=)?!

Anyway, so I arrived at Nadi (pronounced Nandi) Airport at 3:00 am or something silly like that, to Fijian men in grass skirts playing eukalales (spellt crap, but you know what I mean I hope) and singing- which was pretty nice=)!!

It was 25C outside and I plonked myself down in the entrance with two fellow passengers going to my hostel and waited for our free shuttle, which, they assured us, was "coming soon, coming soon".

Half an hour later John from Ireland, Aggie from Scotland and Olivia (that's me!) from England board a cab (saddly missing Wales) because everyone (apart from Olivia from England, who would probably still be optimistically sitting at the airport today waiting for her free shuttle=)) had given up hope that anyone was coming!

We arrive at our hostel 10 mins later to find our shuttle sleeping silently in the driveway- when questioned friendly enough staff claim "technical problems".

Anyway Aggie goes to bed, John from Ireland has had a mix up and has to spend the rest of the night on the sofa, Olivia smiles sympathetically at him, and feels bad...little does she know she will be sharing his fate this night=)!!- For some unclarified reason, there was, despite my name neatly written on the white board behind the desk, someone else in my bed. They offered me a matress in the travel centre, but I told them not to bother and shacked up on the couch with John!

The next day I met the people who'd stolen my bed- they'd arrived 2 mins before me, without a reservation, and before the staff turned weary travellers away, they must have said "here, why not have Olivias bed, she's not here yet anyway=)!!" Well, obviously not literally, that's just how it felt- but oh well=)- I introduced them to everyone as "bed knickers" for the rest of the day, and that made me feel better=)!!

So as sat on my couch and watched the sunrise, I also got to witness the van with the "technical problems" speed off happily to the airport in the morning, without a mechanic having been withing 10 miles of the thing=)- thr bed knickers clarified the technical problems for- the driver had been sleeping on the sofa when they arrived- which I suppose does "tachnically" create a problem for the van=)!!

Anyway, the staff are friendly none the less, even if the organisation runs on "Fiji time"!

Loads of stuff in middle, whc\ich I will leave out here, due to time reasons- short story is, I went Island hopping the Yasawas for 7 days, won a free bear in the Bula dance competition (which I think grinning at the judge had more to do with than my dancing, but what the hell=)!!, sliced my foot on coral (can't all be good all the time!), snorkeled LOADS, ate more rice than I've probably eaten in my life so far=)!, had loads of fun, went kayaking, got nice and brown- no, not burnt- stayed in the shade=)!!, climed a peak and saw some HUGE siders up there!!, paid F$15 to swim with Manta Rays- however, instead I got stung by tinsy winsy jelly fish=), saw a (reef) SHARK whilst snorkeling on my own!!, got my flip flops (of all things!!!) stolen on Kuata and met loads of lovely people (and one asshole, who had a go at me for apparently "going on about my flip flops", when he hadn't even been on the island, because if he had of been, he would of know I didn't at all- grr- some people just can't help running their mouths!)

Off round the main land tomorrow- were going to hire a car, but after hearing one horror story after the other from fellow travellers who'd attemted the same, we've decided to opt for the good old Fiji experience!! Should be loads of fun!!
Will let you knwo how it works out!!

Till then!
loads of love,

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