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Updated 11 years, 11 months ago

Hey guys!!!

I swear, since I started travelling I have just had one great day after the other and just tooooo many lucky coincidences to be true!!!

Where on Earth do I start? Well maybe with all the great stuff, I'll start with the few not quite so great things, to even it out a bit=)!

In one week (last week), I got a bite in my shoulder infected, which turned into an agonizing boil and proceeded to make my life quite painful until it finally started ouzing on the 23rd December! Now, you may think this is not really worth a mention in the travel log, but oh, you have never seen anything ouze like it before!!! It was Christmas enternainment for just about everyone on the island for 2 days straight!! It was like a river of puss flowing out of my shoulder...and though you'd think it would be gross (I certainly thought it was!!) others were strangly captified by it, and in their times of boredom, would come to the beach to just sit and watch me squeeze!! Urgh!!! Anyway, almost healed now, just a crater to get rid of now!!

In the same week I was able to make good use of my tetanus jab, by stummbling over a rusty barbed wire fence whilst entering a Fijian village! and, to finish the week off with a bang, I received a cold sore!! So that was the not so good stuff!! (Personally I hold Sarah, the calamity prone Welsh girl I was travelling with at that point responsible for all of these ills! Her bad luck (broken knee cap, cold sore consuming both lips, egg sized bites, swollen toes and the list goes on, did seem to infect anyone in close proximity to her for long enough, and resulted in spontaneous cuts, and other minor injuries, which seemed to heal as soon as she moved on- very suspicous if you ask me=)!!)

Anyway as I said, ALL the rest of the trip was great! As you can hop on and off the Fijian bus where and when you like, I decided to spend extra days in Suva and then Nananu-I-Ra island, where I spent Christmas Eve!

Suva was amazing!! I finally got a taste of real Fijian life there, as both the Yasawa Islands and Nandi are very touristy, and Nandi especially, is not home to the sweet, genuiunly friendly Fijians everyone has heard of, but to those that try to squeeze you for every scent and charge you almost western prices for everything!!!

Suva, on the other hand was dirt cheap, nobody tried to con us, and you could see from their eyes that people were the genuine thing!!

As Sarah's a nurse, she, a northern Irish girl who'd stopped off too, and I went to tour the public hospital. It was unbelievable with what these people make do compared to European hospitals, and yet just how friendly and playful they are!! When asked if they have problems with aggressive patients here too, the nurse matter of factly answered that if they ever do, they see it as a reflection of the way they behave towards the patients and so try to change!! Isn't that a truly refreshing view of life!!! We could learn a lot from these people!!

We then continued our tour 2 days later, with a not so great guide, but went sandboarding, did a Kava ceromony, a jungle hike, and went river tubing and long boat riding none the less, which was heaps of fun!!

Then stopped off on Nananu-I-Ra, which, if anyone is going to Fiji, I would HIGHLY recommend, it's beautiful, the lodge has a kitchen, so you can cook cheap food, the kayaking is free and the hammock-hung beach behind kristall blue water is great- all this in a dorm for 6pounds/night, or if you, like I did, get three people together, you can share a beach front bure for the same price- deffinitely worth it!!

Was for Kerry anyway, as the first night in the dorm turned into torture for her, when I asked her to turn on her torch in the middle of the night so we could decipher what the origins of the scuttling and rustling on the floor might be. Both expecting a ghecko, Kerry leaped straight from her top bunk out of the room in an almost olymic qualifying 2 second jump, as the light of the torch illuminated a half foot RAT feasting on my loaf of bread instead!!! After scaring the rat half silly with this sporting feat, she then attempted to take refuge from scary creatures at the beach, but alas, during her 2 minute walk down there she first lost the batteries of her torch by flinging it on the ground in a reflex action activated by a (apparently) giant moth, almost trod on a toad, and ended up being chased by a, Kerry was indeed rather ecstatic when I suggested the bure!!

This is where Sarah left me for Australia and I ended up staying in the bure with Kerry and a scouser from the Whirell or something like that=)- turns out the three of us get on like a house on fire- never laughed so much in my life I think as I did in those few days (mainly I think, thanks to to Kerrys antics which, starting with the rat, took on all sorts of forms from then on, and truly never failed to amuse!!) and as it happens we were all flying to New Zealand within days of each other, so now we're meeting up and touring the North Island together. And thanks to some contacts have bagged us a free car and tent=)- great!!

For Christmas we sent Kate off to the local market to get fresh fruit and supplies to make our french toast and fruit Xmas dinner- which was not only hilarious, due to Kerry's appaling fruit cutting abilities but also exceedingly good=)! Only thing ruining it a little was having to squeeze "the gremlin" as Kate lovingly referred to my shoulder thing, between every course- but at least it kept everyone else amused, as we took bets on what might come out next, at what pace and what quantity!!

Saw Christmas day in in the hammock, and next day, Kerry and I left for last day of Fejee Experience, which consisted of hot pools and mud pools!!
Big fun, because we lucked out and had the funnest guide ever and the whole coach full of just 3 single guys and Kerry and me- big fun=)!!

Returned to my fave hostel at the beach, which after the appaling start with the sleeping driver and missing bed, has turned out to be just the sweetest, friendliest place in the world (and the price may have something to do with it too=)!!)
However, communication still isn't one of their greatest achievements!! Last time I was here I got to watch the entire blue fence on the right hand side of the pool be painstaikingly repainted on Monday, only to see the entire wall, (fence and all!!) be knocked down on Tuesday=)!!!!
I waited a good two hours for my pizza one day, before Sarah went in to inquire and found out that my order had never actually made the 1 metre from the bar into the kitchen after I placed it!! And then, after telling many people (including the driver), many times during the day that I didn't have to pay the $10 to the airport cause I didn't have a free pick up, the driver still seemed utterly confused when I wanted to stroll off into the night without paying=)?! Oh well, once you get used it, it's actually quite funny!!

Apart from that Kerry served for much further amusement, between unawarely carrying her dirty knickers around the hostel with her, while they happily swung around from the velcro at the bottom of her hand bag, to letting her boob flop out several times in the mud baths and MUCH in between, it seems I have finally met someone more embarressement and accident prone than me=)!!!

Now I'm in New Zealnd, and after Kerry picked me up in a van driven by a bare footed Kiwi bloke and a dread locked mexican guy- don't ask!- we spent the night drinking imported Kava at this guy's friend's flat (don't worry!!, all the nicest guys you could ever meet in the world- I checked out their eyes=)!!) and watching the news on the tsunami (lots of Indian guys there too you see).

So, on that more sombre note, (can't believe something like that happened!) hopefully off round the island tomorrow, Kate's arrivng today and I'm off to see more of Auckalnd, sunny and warm at moment (and yesterday!)- lucky again!!!- been raining for weeks apparently!

Right, that's the update, love you all and I'll let you know how New Year goes, eh=)!!! Hope you all have fun!!


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