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Updated 11 years, 11 months ago

Hi guys!!

Well, after planning to change my flight and tour the island with the girls in Dave's free car and a tent for 14 days, instead of 7, I (by pure luck!!) discovered on the 3rd January, that...well basically they'd ballsed it all up, and I had to go on the 5th (as originally planned) or much later than I after much thought, I decided a longer stay obviously wasn't meant to be, and decided to head to Sydney...ooh, tomorrow!

For anyone going to NZ around New Year, all I can say is BEWARE!!as all important places and institutions you will almost undoubtly need during your stay, do have the tendency of shutting down for 5 days following New Year without any prior warning to people wanting to change tickets...or other vital things=)!!

But anyway, even though I didn't get to see the South Island, or even all of the North, I did at least make it to the top of the Cormonadel penisular and through Whitanga down to Rotorua- which really does smell of rotten eggs, but it's not half as bad as everyone makes out, unless you find yourself in the thermal park, which is incredibly beautiful and great value for money- but RIECKS like nothing you've ever smellt before!! At least that's what Kate and I thought, Kerry apparently got a craving for fried eggs from it???!!! Go figure!! The Irish eh=)!!

On my last night we all went out to a great bar, where I introduced Kate and Kerry to what they call "cheesy" music and I, and all the other lovely people there call "fantastic" music!! As my luck would have it, I ran into 2 really nice Kiwi guys there, who were driving back home to Auckland the next day- around the same time I'd planned to go- and offered me a ride- or I may have invited myself- whatever, I got a free ride anyway, that's all that counts, eh=)!

Dave, our saint with the car/tent then offered me a bed at his place and took me to the airport the next day!! I just can't believe my luck on this trip!! I just keep meeting the nicest people!!

And now, about 24 hours later, I'm sitting in Sydney library, making use of the free internet=), and relaxing after an absolutley AWESOME first day here!! I spent the day on my own- only the 3rd day in 2 months of travelling "alone" that I've done this!!- and thus thoroughly actually enjoyed the me-time!!

I walked through the city in splendid sunshine, went to the rocks, saw the opera house, the bridge, talked to a few locals, found myself in the Indian Consulate an hour too late to get my visa, the wandered to the Royal Botanic Garden- more beautiful that any park I've ever seen in my life!!- and lay in the shade under bat covered trees amidst seagulls and cockadoos!!!

Have realised in those 24 hours, that what I've thought all along is true, I would love to immigrate here, it really is a beautiful country, and the people are almost as friendly as Kiwis- though they are hard to beat=)!! I'll see what the rest of my 2 months here bring!!

Not really sure where I'm going or what I'm doing going to spend a few days just relaxing I think, while i get my visa sorted- I know it sounds unbelieveable, but despite all the fun and good times, travelling really is tiring as well,moving on all the time, and it's a great feeling to know I'm not in s rush to see thigs for once!!

So, on that note, thinking of you all and loads of love from Ozzie Land!!


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