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Updated 11 years, 11 months ago

Well...after finally seeing some pictures and reading up a bit on everything that's happened in South Asia, I feel the need to write something on the subject...probably not going to be of any general interest, so I won't be the least bit offended if no-one reads it, but need to get it out none the less.

The whole thing just really makes you stop dead and think...
I think mainly because it's very like a big slap in the face. Here we are going along with our little lives, worrying about little, mundane and insignificant things...and then WHAM, the sea rises a bit and destroys the lives of THOUSANDS of people in a matter of minutes! Everthing these people have spent their entire lives building up, their homes, their relationships, their LIVES...gone.

And all of a sudden, none of the other little insignificant, mundane things in life seem the least bit relevant any more...friends, family and spreading joy and kindness rather than rumours- that's all that remains truly important at the end of anything.

I hope that all this destruction may, if nothing else good comes of it, at least have the effect of bringing western people closer together and back to reflecting on more important things than sports cars and football matches...let's hope so.

Have spent a lot of time thinking about wether or not to change my flights...but at the moment I'm still planing on deffinietly going to India, and deciding on Sri Lanka at a later date. If I can't help in any other way, I guess at least I can put some money back into the economy..every penny counts, eh.

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