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Updated 12 years, 1 week ago

Hey guys!!

Still in Sydney at present, waiting for my passport with (hopefully!!) Indian visa inside to return to me!!

Have now bought my WWOOF membership and am soooo excited about it!!! For those that don't know, WWOOF stands for Willing Workers on Organic Farms, and it's basically a book, with LOADS of addresses of farms (and other very excting places!!) all around Australia, where you can go and work in return for your food and board!!

Lying on beaches is great fun, don't get me wrong, but I do feel I'm at the point now, where a bit of work would do me the world of good, and the descriptions of some of these places are just amazing=)!!

One place is an adventure farm, where in return for your hard work you can also partake in white water canoeing, rock climbing and abseiling for FREE =)!! Another place is a Yoga centre nature retreat, which I think sound just as interesting, and nach dem Motto- man muss alles mal gesehen haben=), I am deffinitley going to go do that for a few days!!

Then there's farms in the rainforest, farms in the bush with kangaroos in the garden, people who just need help building things, people who live on the ocean....God, I can't wait to start!!!

A lot of these places don't seem to have internet, but calling's sooo cheap from Oz, I'll let everyone know I'm alive by phone!! I'm planning on WWOOFing for at least the next 6 weeks, then 1 week in Tasmania, where Dave, who I met in San Francisco has offered t show me around...and then it's off to Singapore, which, if I could I would change to a later day, as I am soooo happy here I can't even say, but oh well, I know I'll deffinitely be returning another day!!!

More later, such nice weather outside I've got to get out and about!!!

Loads of love,

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