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Still Sydney…and loving it=)

Updated 11 years, 10 months ago


Feels like I've been in Sydney for foreeever now...though I think it's actually only been a little over a week=)...but after moving around such a lot, in such a short space of time, it does feel like ages- but the good news is I'm loving it=) (sorry McDonalds copyright=)!)

I've met a whole group of lovely people's at the hostel, who I've been going to the beaches, parks, museums (well one anyway!) and local bars with and spent a lot of time relaxing (well you've got to haven't you?!- I mean travelling's so stressful! You know, you have to get up in the morning (challenging enough in itslef at times!!) then decide what on earth you're going to eat for breakfast...maccies or possibly fruit...which one is further away, can you be bothered, isn't there anything on the free food shelf you could have, that would just invlove a trip to the kitchen. Then you've got to shower, decide what to wear (which given, usually does just take care of itself, once you have dechiphered which items smell the least), then you've got to decide what to put in your daypack, where are you going to go, who are you going to go with...and by the time you've done all this, everyone's usually so exhausted, that you crash on the couches in the common room for a while, whilst everyone regains their strength=)- you think I'm joking, but sadly it's true!!-

But anyway between getting thrashed by gignatic waves (and being thrown around by the guys I was with!) at Coogee Beach, getting a free haircut from a bloke on the hostel rooftop with the kitchen scissors(it actually looks quite good, believe it or not=)!!), watching the Polar Express in 3D at Darling Harbour, going binge drinking, dancing and meeting up with Sarah from San Fran in the Australian pubs, and discovering my apparently intense love for Sushi (so much fun watching that little conveyer belt move round=)!) - I've had an absolutely fantastic week!!

But alas, all good things must come to an end, and, after finally getting my passport with visa back, I shall (hopefully) be moving on tomorrow to start my first week of WWOOFing!!

More later- must return to the couch before I miss something=)- just kidding, weather's gorgeous, deffinitely not going to slouch on the couch...I'll go and lie in the park instead=)!!

lol, Olivia***

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