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Well I have just returned from my first WWOOFing experiences, for anyone who still doesn't know or has forgotten already=), that's willing workers on organic farms, a prgramme where you can go and work at different farms (and other exciting places, as I have discovered=)) around OZ and thus earn yourself your bed and your food- great, if like me, you don't have a working visa and hence aren't supposed to work for cash (but enough people do anyway...but you know me- I'm a good little girl=)!!)

Anyway, so with a little help from my good old travel buddy Sarah from San Francisco I finally managed to get myself up off my butt and into a train- (which was amazingly cheap with my student card!!) And went off to a GORGEOUS big house in Gloucester (a few hours North of Sydney) inhabited by Brian, the owner of an adventure centre offering whitewater Kayaking and mountain biking, an organic vegetable garden and 2 lovely Dingo dogs=)!! Here I soon found myself up to my ankles in cow dung (quite liberating actually=)!!) and hard at work in the garden, house and kayak shed- the reward: great food, a FREE (I do like my free stuff as you know=)!!) whitewater kayaking trip down the rapids in the river and great talks with my host- got on like a house on fire, thank God!!

Then managed to get a free ride with him back down South where he was going to the world kayaking championships and I arranged to stay at my next WWOOFing choice, a farm working with disabled children and adults as a type of therapy- unfortuanetly my timing was a little off, as no children were there, due to summer holidays (southern hemisphere still takes some getting used to!!) and also no adults- it being the weekend- hence I spent ALL of Saturday weeding a HUGE pumkin patch on my own- made quite good progress though, if I do say so myself=), and ALL of Sunday cutting and cleaning garlic- makes your fingers go numb interestingly enough!! Was also up at 7 to let the chickens out and feed the pigs (2 small, 9 piglets and one super size!!!!) and out again at 9pm to put chickens to bed- really are quite stupid little creatures- sounds harsh, but so true!!). Monday brought more excitement as PEOPLE actually entered the farm=), jobs then included harvesting silver root, salad mix, cucumbers, zuchini and charlottes for the organic shop, yet more weeding on the pumkin patch...and more garlic peeling when it rained- this time in good company however- another WWOOFer from Germany and two gorgeously friendly disabled guys from the day centre!!
About the same on Tuesday and then back to Sydney in the evening and fell into bed at my free pad in Bondi with my four favourite guys- well not the same bed obviously- I got the couch=)!!

Spending Today here and enjoying festivities of Australia Day,a nd thinking about how Aboroginees must be feeling...was planning to WWOOF at a Bed and Breakfast in the Blue Mountains tomorrow, but they're all booked not sure of plans yet...but will then make my way south stopping off at various other very intersting sounding places including a farm stay with adventure activites for kids, an international spa centre, an olive grove, a fruit and berry farm and possibly a wool manufacturing good times ahead, can't wait, and it really does feel great to be doing something useful again=)!!!

So, will be in touch soon to let you know how I get on!!
Hope you're all well!!! Lots of love,

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