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Updated 11 years, 9 months ago

Gosh....haven't caught up with this for a while...and not too much time now just the short stuff:

Made a last minute decision to fly to Melbourne, which probably stemmed from my deep rooted fear to get stuck in Sydney all over again=)!

Arrived in Melbourne and saw the sights, decided I didn't find it as attractive as Sydney, but deffinitely more chilled out!

Went south east of melbourne, to the ocean and stayed with some old friends in their self-built home, from where I also got the opportunity to spend a couple of days working on a sheep shearing shed (u don't get much more Australian than that eh=)?!), which I loved, and made a bit of cash from- which never really goes a miss when you're travelling=)!!

Went from there a little more North and spent a week working on an alpaca farm- great fun, and alpacas are not only THE cutest animals I've ever seen, but also VERY interesting, but more to that when I've got more time!!

Then back to Melbourne for the Chinese New Year, Wheelchair Tennis Open and St.Kilda Festival.

Then, as none of the woofing places I'd called had spaces, or it was the wrong season for the work=(- I headed west with the brother of a friend and an 82 year old world traveller- Marjory=)!! Stayed a few days on his sheep farm set amidst 800acres of state park and natural bush- GORGEOUS- full of kangaroos, possums and koalas!!! Amazing to see them in the wild like that!!

Then ended up travelling along the Great Ocean Rd with Marjory for a few days, until landing on a cattle/sheep/ polo horses farm near Hamilton. Stayed here a couple of nights and shovelled some manure around, then back to Melbourne where I stayed with some younger friends=)!!

Till I jumped on a plane again yesterday and ended up in Tasmania, where I am now and am about to go exploring in=)!!!

Saw kangaroos, koalas, fed kangaroos, saw wobats, tasmanian devil(dead cute!!) and half of a sleepy echidna=)! Saw lakes, caves (very beautiful, and VERY old!!), stayed in a caravan and in a posh motel overlooking the ocean, saw a short film festival, went dancing in a irish pub, drove many k's around the island (or was driven!) and flew back to Melbourne, where I hitched a ride with some business men into the city and caught up with an old hostel buddy, did some last minute souvenir shopping (including an overpriced pacific centred map!), and returned to the airport in the evening to fly to......

More later!
lotas of love,

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