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Updated 11 years, 10 months ago


So I flew to Singapore, (with Emirates- God they're great, huge meal, personal screen, enough leg room for a giant and a selection of 8 films or games to play!!!And all that in second class!!)

Arrived at a conominium with pool!! Spent the day in the city, had a famous singapore sling in the even more famous Raffles hotel in the long bar, where you can throw the free peanut shells on the floor- big fun!! Tried sugar cane juice, made a faux pas with the chopsticks, saw a buddhist and a hindi temple, experienced a tropical rainstorm, relaxed in the pool, was then put up in a 19.centuary b and b, in a ex-raffles bed (four post, wooden HUGEEEE!!!), did a little translation work and saw the most AMAZING zoo I've ever seen. indescribeable I tell you!! Like walking through the rainforest!! And the monkeys were just running around freely!!! Walked through china town, had chinese tea with chinese sweets, had loads of sushi for about 2pounds!!! and a huge plate of fresh fruit for about 60p!!! Walked through colourful streets with old Singapore houses....finally bought a digital camera and a new pair of flip flops (I do like my flip flops) for about 3pounds!! Had a gorgeous glass of watermelon juice, ate an amazing seafood dinner next to the river with colourful boats and music, ate indian curry with my fingers (loved it!!!) off a banana leaf, visited some amazing budhist temples, met up with Henri from (hey Henri=)!!), got locked out of my B&B, walked through half of Singapore at 2 in the morning, jumped a fence and then spent the night on someone's couch- quite an adventure I tell you=), visited Sentosa Island via cable car, saw the aquarium and the dolphins there- not neccesarily something I would put on the list of top things to do here but still ok! Hmmm...god what else did I do, memory fails me at mo, but anyway...

I tell you, I thought Australia was as good as it gets- but I am ABSOLUTELY in love with Asia!!!!

...and I've only been here 6days!!!! I love travelling!!! ..So in answer to I'm not really looking forward to coming home....even though I am looking forward to seeing you all again!!!

love you all,

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