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Updated 11 years, 8 months ago

Hey guys!!

Well last week, as my french friends put it, I "took my journey to Malaysia"- and today, (by some miracle!!), I am back in Singapore after a very eventful and (as ever=)) AMAZING week up North!!

Not much time at mo- travelling on to Sri Lanka tomorrow morning and still have to attempt to sit on my bag and heave the zips shut (oh, and pack it first ofcourse=)!)- so I'll try and give you the short version (oh who am I kidding, that's never going to work, anywhere here, A version!!):

Started off the trip in Kuala Lumpur, met a nice American bloke at the hostel and spent the next couple of days with him (good protection =)!)- visited the highest twin towers in the world (though they only let u go to level 41 0f 80- but hey, it was free, so who's complaining=)!!, saw another China Town, an orchid garden, and almost a planetarium, though this venture sadly failed at the last minute,due to the slight problemof guide book stated closing time and actual closing time differing from each other by oh, THREE HOURS!! But hey- it's Malaysia- don't worry be happy!
Also took a trip to the beach, which didn't as we'd been told take an hour, but three and a half (but hey, see above=)!), played frisbee with the locals for 2 hours and then made the 3 1/2 hour journey back=)!!

Then I caught a bus to Taman Negara, oldest rainforest in the world, where I met 2 lovely Scottish girls and trekked around the jungle for three days- LOADS OF FUN!!!- on the last day, I ventured off on my own, and yes, managed to get myself lost on the last half hour back, trust me it wasn't my fault- I swear the path just ended!!! Had to walk through layers of leaves following the sound of the boats on the river, which was fine, till i ran into 2 very poisnonous snakes (I asked the guide later!! I was quite lucky apparently!!), which well, TERRIFIED me, and I thus, spent the next half hour walking through the jungle with prodding the ground before me with a stick to warn any further reptile jungle inhabitants of my presence (u have no idea how silly I looked- well actually you can probably guess=)!!) Anyway, thanks to this method I managed to make it back alive and sound (Thank the Lord!) and then went swimming with the 2 Scottish girls and a very cute malaysian guide!
So much more to that story...but bag awaits me so-

Then, you know me, got to make the most of my time, caught a night train 5 hours North to the Perhentian Islands- the most beautiful Island ion Malaysia so I'd heard, and the people weren't lying!!!

Was only there for 2 days, before catching th 14 hour overnight train back to Singapore, (1 of which it rained!) but it was WELL worth it I tell you!! Gob smackingly beautiful!!!

Met some lovely Swedes and Norwegians here, went snorkelling saw the BIGGEST Sea turtles I've ever seen in my life, 2 reef sharks, sting ray and a h\massive Iguana!!(deffinitley got my money's worth there then!!), oh, and got a sunburn (hurrah for me eh=)!)

Then the journey bagan- get this=):

After snorkelling I return to hut at three to find the cloths I'dwashed this morning hadn't dried but instead fallen to the ground in a damp sandy mess (presumably the moment my back had been turned!!). Anyway, so frantically hang them back up (have to be ready for boat at 4!!), shower, and put everything on bed to b ready. Run back round to other beach to take photos, swap emails and say bye. Then walk back towards hut, and spot boat off shore!! Think F##k that!! Why is it that when you;re early they're late, and when you're late they have to be early!!?? So run to hut, grab stuff, run back, fall into little boat (and sadly I mean literally fall!!), get driven over, see my captain friend from the trip over, am relieved to find they've waited, and yet still (for some to me still completely incomprhensible reason!!?) assume we're in an awful hurry, and thus attempt to get onto boat as fast as I possibly can...which, together with my famously inadequate sense of balance very quickly results in, yes you guessed it- my landing, oh, fairly unelegantly directly between the 2 boats on my back=)- hanging on to both with one hand!!!

But anyhow, despite having had to have been hawled onto the boat in a dripping mess, rather than actively hopping on myself- I did make it onto the boat- and that's what counts eh=)!! And we did have a great laugh about it all the way back to shore...and then some=)!!

Anyway, LOADS more mishapps on the way to my train, which resulted in my almost missing it...but luck struck again, and I somehow managed to catch it!!

Malaysians I've discovered are as a whole very friendly, helpful people- and you know I almost think, as long as you're cautious, you're actually safer travelling here than in some western countries- at least here they've not forgotten how to smile and enjoy life!!

Anyway- God have gone on for ages again!!!
See you soon,
loads of love,Libby***

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