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Bombay- because….

Updated 11 years, 8 months ago

...I have given up being b*!ody British and thus always trying to be politically correct by calling it Mumbai- because I noticed I was in fact the ONLY person here Indian/Tourist doing so- so anyway, I am now in Bombay=)!!

And I have been here for three days- and already decided to change my flights and stay here a month longer- I LOVE IT!!! It's sort of like what I imagine England must have been like in the 70's here!! It's very having gone back in time....

I arrived early on the 26th (when I say early I mean 4am). Very kindly I was picked up by friends of my mothers and taken to my hostel, which had not only been booked for me, but also contained a very nice bathroom and a cable television!!! Luxuary pure for moi=)!!

Anyway the next day, after the most horrendous night I'd had in...years I suppose..or at least since the Fijian gremlin took leave (incase anyone cares this was due to a sickening combination of severe tonssilitis and more air in my ears than in an oxgen room- which- due to the throught- I had great difficulty in removing by swallowing--grrrr..I felt rough I tell you!!) but anyway,despite this I made for the road, having (per usual) not the faintest idea of where I might be heading (other than the chemist!!) and promtly, 100 feet from the hotel, ran into some guys I'd met at breakfast, one of whom was Indian, and who then showed me around and took me to get covered from head to toe in coloured powder=)!!

Maybe I should explain that one- in India it's a festival a day, and the 26th was "Holi"- festival of colour- in recognition of which a lot of Indians (almost all actually) were running around the streets like stark raving lunatics smothering each other in water and coloured powders....which, despite my wishes that it should be spread solely on myface- ended up- as stated- all over me- leaving me looking like a warning commercial for sunburn=)!!

After that (still covered remeber) we venutured into one of the most expensive hotels in India- The Taj Mahal- and had a look round- veeery nice- but to be honest, give me a dorm room any day- all a bit too stuffy for my liking=)!! And visited the gateway of india- nothing spectacular, but pretty famous landmark none the less=)!!

Then they kidnapped me off into a sports bar, where,after several vodka shots (purely to try and help the throught!!) and a few dismal games of pool (again, I blame the throught!!), we returned to the hotel for dinner, where I discover a) not to eat meat in India and b) that vodka and curry (even without the meat) just don't mix- but luckily I got off with just feeling queasy!!

Once I had recovered enough from my queasiness, we ventured out to an Indian Night club where I, despite the pain, had, I think it's safe to say- one of the BEST nights out I've ever had in my life!!! I can't even describe to you how great it was!! (Kerry, to give you some idea- if you thought Rotorua was bad- x the cheesefactor by a billion=)!!!) and Indians REALLYYYY know how to dance!! I don't think I stopped all night!! I've finally found people who love fooling around on the dance floor as much and as long as I do- I just can't find the'll have to come and experience it for yourselves- it's just brilliant (and they do play some techno later on Kerry=)!!)

As a nice contrast, the next day I was invited for easter lunch at my mum's friends, which was slightly more relaxed than the day before, but also very nice.

Hmm, and yesterday, let's see- I went SHOPPING!!!! Oh my God, guys, it's HEAVEN!!! You can buy just ANYTHING and EVERYTHING!!! I bought 3 tops and a pair of trousers- all dead nice stuff- for about 7euros!! And Mumbai prices are expensive=)!!!

Then I changed my flight to stay till the end of May, attempted to figure out the railway system and failed, thought about wether to go north or south- and failed=)- got myself an indian sim card, and then went out for a curry dinner with three other female solo travellers.

And today- well I earnt myself 400 rupees by working on a Bollywood film set for the day as an extra in a film that's actually going to be screened in the UK!!!
This tout just came up to us on the street yesterday and asked us if we'd be interested, and after we'd checked out that it wasn't a scam, me and another girl from the hotel boarded a bus this morning at 8 that took us off to a converted nightclub, which now serves as a studio!!

But I'm not going to tell you the name of the film, which should be released in a couple of months, because if anyone watches it and happens to see what I am wearing- I will NEVER live it down!!!! Oh my God, such revolting costumes I have never seen in all my life!!! It was bad...very bad!!

It was a long, at times boring day- but overall it was a cool experience and I met some lovely people- and a bit of xtra cash never goes a miss- even if it is only a few quid=)!!

So, that's all from me for the moment! Apart from that I think I'm going to head south first now, together with someone from the hotel, and after a month down there, fly to the very north east, to either work in a school or if that doesn't work out just that's the plan...will keep you all updated on how that works out!!

Hope you're all well,
love you lots,

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