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Updated 11 years, 9 months ago

hey guys!!

Well after having written more than a page the other day, that unfortuantely got deleted due to power shortage (an annoyingly common occurance in these parts of the world and this time of year=)!! I can't really be bothered to write it all down again...but I'll do my best to fill you in all the same- it's too hot outside at the moment anyway...

Since you last heard from me I've left the interesting smog pitt that is Bombay, to travel in a very cheap and comfortable overnight train to beautiful and sandy Goa, where I spent a few days exploring some of Goas much talked about beaches and discos with an Argentinien, a Canadian and a South African. And (as ever=)!) I had the most amazing time!!

We slept in a cute little hotel right next to the beach for about 1pound a night!! Hired motorbikes to go off exploring the old Portuguese influences in Goa aswell as some of the more distant beaches for about 2pounds a day and ate amazingly tasty seafood with drinks and desserts for no more than 3 pounds a taste!!! I love India....especially in the off season=)!!

And the clubs here- wow!!! Picture this- a huge disco, set upon a cliff top overlooking the Arabian Sea, where girls get in free, you can dance to trance under bright lights, and when you're ready for a rest, walk down the mudbrick steps onto the huge balcony/platform thing, to lie on straw mats under the stars with the sound of the sea behind you and little ladies in saris offering you chai and coffee and very yummy ommlette and tomato sandwhiches!!! HEAVEN!!! Think I would deffinitely call it my favourite disco in the world...so far anyway=)!!Or another one where Guys and girls get in free for wearing bikini tops, the drinks were free all night, and when u got tired of dancing or playing connect four at the bar (loads of fun really=)!!), you can go and take a dip in the open air pool=)!!! And all that for freeeee!!! I love it!!!

But anyway,after 3 days of beaches and parties we decided to head on further south, to one of Goas most beautiful beaches- Palolem. This was truly paradise!! More palm trees than I've ever seen in my life bordering a silver sanded cove of clean water, that, should you be taking a midnight dip spoilt you with its sparkling phosphorescent plankton under the starry night sky!!!

Jimena and I shared a beautiful little wooden shack on stilts for 1.20 a night=), and spent the mornings reading on the beanbags in the open air restaurant overlooking the beach=)!!

Met some great people, took a short drumming lesson, witnessed a hindu funeral, did loooots of swimming and frisbee playing, and generally had a great time sitting around various beach front restaurants on cushions behind tiny tables sipping watermelon juice and discussing the universe=)!!

But..all good things must come to an end, and we decided to get moving again- leaving the guys from Canada and SA behind Jimena and I replaced our male companions with a guy from Ecuador and (due to our lack of planning and general laziness) took two buses from Palolem to Cochin. The first of which (4 hours long) I would have, with the quite prominent exception of the madman attempting to transport a bucket of fish across the country!!!, described as very pleasant- a sunny, airy trip along the Indian coastline.

The second (10 hours long) I would quite deffinitely describe as the worst journey ever partaken on in my life!!! More and BIGER craters than I believe could even be found on the moon, made the journey, well bumpy would be a considerable understatement!!!

So after a night of absolutely no sleep and a whole days travelling you can imagine that we weren't best pleased when the skies opened up about 5minutes before our arival and rained on us like a monsoon whilst the three of us, our backpacks and our daypacks vigilantly attempted to stretch the capacity of a rickshaw by sqeezing into the back seat!! (We have since, you will be plaesed to hear, mastered this art to perfection and now quite comfortably sqeeze into any rickshaw in record time=)!)

But after a shower I;ve never been so pleased o take in all my life!!and a fabulous fruit brekfast we all felt a lot better and went off on bicycles to explore Fort Cochin, which is very beautiful- and like everywhere else I've been in India so far- the people are very freindly and just generally lovely!!

We left Fernando in Cochin to meet up again later in Varkala (our next beach destination) while Jimena and I went exploring the backwaters and hill stations (tea and spice gardens) around Kerola- very beautiful- but no comparison to Sri Lanka I'm afaraid) and I got to drive a rickshaw- big fun=)!!

Now we're in Varkala, where I am about to partake in my first yoga lessons and where I had four HUGE and extremely scrumptious tiger prawns with chips, rice AND salad for 3pounds last night!! Sorry to keep going on, but just can't get over these prices...!!!

Anyway, so that's the most of it, heading further south soon to watch the sun set over three oceans, then up to Bangelore before heading to Rahjastan and then to Nepal I hope...God, mid April already...I feel another date change coming on*grin*....

Anyway, hope you're all happy and healthy as ever=)!
loads of love,Olivia***

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