3 oceans together look very similar to one on its own=)!

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3 oceans together look very similar to one on its own=)!

Updated 11 years, 8 months ago


Well maybe time for another quick update!

I must first admit to you that all those prawns I was eating did, in the end unfortunately catch up with me! And though the last plate I had tasted more than amazing and the guy I shared them with had no ill effects from them at all, I (sod's law!!) consequently spent the rest of the night with my head hanging over the toilet bowl!! And frankly- I've seen prettier sights!!

So since then I have felt a VERY strong urge to base the rest of my time in India on a strictly vegetarian diet, and hence forth I have been enjoying more of the traditional Indian cuisine consiting of parotta, uttapam, chappathis, nan, masala dosa, chai and the accompanying curry sauces (all of which taste very yummy indeed once even twice a day...but three meals a day only curry and some form of bread??? I truly know not how they survive on it!! They even put spices on their pineapple!!!)

But anyway, look at me raving on about food again!! Enough!!

So after a week of yoga, swimming, eating and relaxing on the beach at Varkala, as well as fabulous free Ayruvedic massages every morning from Fernando, who was taking a massage course-score!!!-, I bagged myself a ride with a French guy travelling round India on a motorbike (that's THE way to do it I tell you!!!) and rode down to India's most southerly point- Kanya Kumari- where the Indian Ocean meets the Bengal and the Arabian sea (which all looked very similar to just the one however=)!)

But all the same it was an amazingly energized place, and after watching the sunrise from the rooftop in the morning, we were able to watch the full moon rise in the east as the sun set on the same horizon in the west, as promised- the beauty of which was not even spoilt by the few lingering clouds!!

After many temples and a bit of meditation Fernando and I left for the 16hr bus journey to Bangelore, where we had a quick look at the city and borrowed the use of someone elses shower before boarding the next 10hr bus to Hampi (the first of which we missed because South Americans as nice and relaxed as they are, can sometimes be really rather infuriatingly slow=)!!!)

Hampi is truly one of the most spectacularly beautiful places I've ever been!! A glass river amongst huuuge amounts of lightly coloured rocks, over 3000 ancient temples, including a monkey temple high above the valley from where you can watch the sunset over the huuge area of rocks whilst lying on a sundrenched warm rock amongst wild monkeys and (though I know not how they got up that high?!) frogs!

It being the low season Fernando and I were only 2 of maybe 10 other white people there, and for the first time I felt I was getting a taste of the real India here! Very nice!!!

There I left Fernando and made my way up to Udaipur, realizing, as soon as I began the 48 hour train journey costing only around 20us$ for a perfectly comfortable sleeper bed with fan!!!, that I hadn't travelled on my own for aaaages!!!

And as soon as I sat down in the first train, I was reminded that travelling alone here really is not half as scary as people make out (touch wood, so far anyaway!!)- and language barriers, though sometimes very frustrating, need not stand in the way of connecting with people! Everyone on the train seemed to want to feed me their various Indian snacks (of which there are many!! Being on a train in India is a bit like having the entire menu of a large restaurant rolled by you at least once every 10 minutes!!) , one lady henna tatooed my whole arm for me!! Then I played cards with some of the kids, at the station in Ahmedabd, as I sat waiting for my connecting train at 11 at night, I drew some portraits of the little street kids, which they seemed to love....so really I just had the best time!!

Everyone also seems to want to have their picture taken with the "white person", in Udaipur however it almost got a bit much when a family of around 12 ALL wanted a single picture of themselves with me!! I couldn't help but laugh!!

And loads of griinning beautiful little children just want to come up and touch you to see if the white will rub off=)!! It's really an amazing place to be!!

Udaipur was also gorgegous, and after another 12 hrs on a bus- lord knows why I didn't take the train?!- I am now in Jaisalmer, on the edge of the dessert preparing for my 3 days in the dessert on a camel=)!! Can't wait!!

Anyway, that's all for now,
love you all, and if I can still sit down long enough to write after the camels, I'll let u know how that went soon=)!

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