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As much as I love India…

Updated 11 years, 8 months ago

sometimes it reallllly just p*sses me off!!!

So just have to have a little rant and get this off my chest before I fall into bed!!

One example of many:

You book a "supa comfy luxuary" bus for 200Rs to take you to Jaisalmer. What arrives can only be described as a wobbly piece of junk, which has an annoyingly loud horn that sounds in some kind of tune and boasts a permanent squeek coming from an area you can't quite define, but is almost certainly in the direct vicinity of your seat!!

But alas, it's 10pm, you have no other option and you've already paid, so you grit your teeth together and squeeze on.

You spend the next 7 hours trying desperately to recline your "reclining seat" and somehow make yourself comfortable next to a guy who talks to himself, whilst all the Indian men (who you're sure have paid about half for their ticket) stare at you and spit out the window, not to mention throwing all their plastic bottles out too, which just makes me cringe everytime i see it- which is a lot!!

At the various pitt stops you then watch pitifully from your squashed seat as you see the very comfy looking real luxuary bus drive by half empty....and wonder where exactly in the booking process you may have asked for the shittier option?

At half past 5 in the morning, following roughly... 0 hours of sleep you are then thrown out of the bus and after much questioning finally guided to a new bus, where, even though the driver has just seen you disembark the other bus, still wishes to see your ticket, which you then have to withdraw from the very pitts of the black hole that has become your travel bag, whilst (in your trance like state) you proceed to distribute everything BUT the said ticket evenly across the sandy floor!!

After picking everything back up you are told you must leave your luggage in the boot, though you explain you just had it with you in the bus, they say this is absolutely impossible and make you throw it in the trunk, where, after you've done all the hawling work the guy gives it one more totally supersilious shove and charges you 10Rs for his service!!! GRRr!

Angrily and by this time fairly dilerious with sleep loss, you board the bus and plonk yourself down in the seat just assigned to you, from where, just as you have made yourself comfortable, you are then, for some to me still uncomprehensible reason, told to move!!!

After you have cheered up again, slightly, at sighting the very empty bus, your happiness is then soon crushed as the bus stops 5 times in the next 10 seconds and literally hundereds of Indians (lord knows where they'd been hiding) jump out from every corner and board the bus!!

So once again you are squashed and to top it all off, you have suffered from mild diaorhea that day and still have slight cramps and so now sit back in your seat with complete exhausted resignation to listen to the driver beep his way to exctasy for the next 5 hour part of the journey....

You finally arrive at your destination looking like a piece of yesyerdays shepard's pie, you disembark (still delerious) to find your luggage has been lovingly thrown in the dirt on the floor for you, and, as you do your best to remove the wet sand around 50 touts literally try to PUSH you into their rickshaws in order to take you to the crappiest hotel, at which they receive the highest commisions!!

So as great as travelling India has been so far... sometimes- you just want a nice crispy fresh sald and your own bed!!!!

love u all,
I'm off to bed now!!

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