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Trekking Nepal’s Himalaya!!!

Updated 11 years, 6 months ago

Hellooo!! Well, I believe the last time you heard from me I was off to see the Taj Mahal correct? Well I did that, and that was TRULY SPECTACULAR, soooo beautiful, so symmetrical, white, big, romantic....(I tell you, from now on, anthing less than a taj for valentine's day from a guy and he's a gonner=)!! Anyway, well worth the money , even though I think the price difference for tourists and Indian citizens is ever so slightly overexagerated- they pay 25Rs, whilst we pay a huge multiple of 750!! But oh well, Clinton's fault apparently, he came and told them it was so beautiful they should be charging more- Americans they ruin it for us all=)!! After ( sorry just had to pop out of the internet cafe for a moment (not that you will have noticed=)!) to watch Buddhas bone being transported through the streets of Kathmandu- a once a year happening- they're not quite sure which bone it is exactly- but it almost certainly originated in Lord Buddha's body=)!!!) so anyway, yes, after the Taj, I spent an hour in Varanasi- an hour? What can one possibly accomplish in an hour I hear you ask, and the answer is- surprislingly little!, besides taking your first shower in 48 hours, having a cold coke in the blackout and hopping onto the next 12 hour train out of there, towards fact, in this time you can't even get a decent shot of the Ganges- it being nightime by the time your train, which should have taken 10 hours to get there, arrives after 19!!, having, to your EXCRUTIATING irritation, somehow managed to stop at every piece of horse poo of interest along the bl**dy way (and sometimes even at the ones which weren't of any interest to anybody!!!), but anyway, you don't really want a picture of the burning ghats (burial piles on the edge of the river) anyway, because otherwise they will either throw your digicam into the HIGHLY polluted Ganges...not that this would matter much to your camera, clean water would do just as much damage, you however, might think twice about sticking your arm into the water, between the floating cows and sewage to retrieve it!! or fine you an amount not payable for any backpacking traveller!! So anyway, I think you gathered that I arrived too late to see anything of India's most holy city and left the same night (my ticket already being booked) for Nepal together with Jimena, who I joined up with as my one and only constructive act in Varanasi!! Maybe I'll pass by again on my way home... So anyway, Nepal, here we come!!!,apparently, Nepal, here we come, slower than a snail drugged with Nightease!!!, would have been the more appropriate phrasing!! For at the border we paid 300Rs for a tourist bus to take us to Pokhara, Nepal's second largest city and home to some of the best trekking routes in the country. My first suspicions as to the turnout of our onward journey, arose shortly after our freshly purchased, crisp, yellow, private bus ticket was abruptly exchanged for a grotty, grey ticket written in Nepalese prior to our being shoved into the jeep to take us to the bus station!! In highnsight, the Nepalese probably read something in the manner of "Hah, Suckers, we graciously accept your extra cash!"- as, after arriving at the buspark, and arguing with the driver of the "included free transportation to bus park" jeep that no, we wouldn't pay him anything for the ride!!, we were carted into something squeeky and grey that almost certainly was not the tourist bus to Pokhara, but the governement bus for half the price...nevermind, with a 'that 's life in Asia "attitude we plonk ourselves down, only to then ALSO discover that the bus doesn't arrive at 10pm as the office had told us, but infact does stop for 8 hrs in the middle of the night only to recommence driving at an hour earlier than stated before you go to bed, to then drive 500mtrs up the road and stop there for THREEEEEE excruciating hours whilst you could have been in bed!!, eventually getting you to Pokhara at something like 12pm the following day!!! But anyway, that's another story=)!! After a day of rest at the lakeside, we rent our trekking gear, purchase some jackets and then head off determinedly on our trek through the mountains of the Himalaya!! It being us, we manage to choose the steepest possible entry to the trek, walk 8 hours up and down many steps and paths and then collapse into bed at a cute little mountain guesthouse, where Olivia then unpacks the incredibly heavy bag, which has been torturing her all day, only to find that at some point between renting the bag and leaving, Jimena has managed to smuggle in, not only her HAIRDRYER but also around 2000 potions and lotions, which, when questioned by me, she exclaims to be absolutely vital for the dry mountain air=)!! But nevermind Jimena is a self-declared city girl, and only after the first few days trekking is over does it start to dawn on her, that she will not be able to find any sockets in the mountains nor any internet in order to tell her family she'll be gone for the next 10 days!! Oops! Anyway, after many ups and many downs and many hours walking, and only getting lost once*pride*=)- (the result of mistaking somebody's vegetable patch for the path! (don't ask- seemed like a good idea to wade through the sweetcorn at the time!!) we finally reach Annarpurna base camp at 4130 metres, spend the day watching the snow fall, have an unexpected reunion with Fernando and some other fellow travellers and then trek back to home, where we return the gear, dress our blisters and then board the (proper!!!) tourist bus to Kathmandu, where, as you gathered earlier I find myself now (on time for once!!) and will be spending the next few days....after that...only time will tell, but my homeward date is now finally fixed for the 25th June...

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