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Trying to stay kool in Kathmandu

Updated 11 years, 6 months ago


Well have now been in Kathmandu....erm, lost count actually, but much too long really that's for sure=)!!!

Since our arrival I have: seen many temples (all in various places, but almost always on top of huuuge hills, requiring a steep ascent of at least 15 minutes to reach the top, by which time you are so exhausted (it's very hot here you know!!) that you more or less stumble round the thing, manage a wobbly photo and half slide back down, checking behind you to make sure you're not leaving any of yourself behind in a melted puddle!!!). But anyway, they're very beautiful, especially the monkey temples, where you can watch LOADS of monkeys messing about, eating the crisp packets and things=)!!

Also managed to sqeeze in a day of white water rafting into our IMMENSELY busy schedule here (it's so hard to make time for other things asides from shopping and sunbathing you know....there just aren't enough hours in the day=)!!), which was loads of fun, and a very welcome cool-off to the hot city days!! Though the day did end slightly different than planned (don't they always in these parts of the world=)!!) as our bus reached the beginning of what looked like a 20 mile traffic jam slalomeing its way Aaaaaaaaaaalllll the way up the mamoth hill ahead of us, at which point we decided to exit the bus and trek up an hour shortcut ourselves and then make our way back to kathmandu with our faces squashed against the hailed bus windows as we restle for air with the 600 other people standing in the bus with standing room for 6 (and that's being generous=)!!! But's all about the stories hey=)!!

Apart from that I've been continuing with the Yoga I started in India (getting really quite bendy now=)!!) and took my first "active meditation" class yesterday- very nice!!! After one teacher, who streched us enough, but somehow managed to sound like he was about to hurl everytime he told us to "hreeeellllacccchssss" (relax was the word he was going for there, incase you're in some confusion about it!!=)!) we've now found a rally cool class with dancing at the beginning and cool music all the way through- it's loads iof fun and such an invigorating way to start or end the day!!!

The rest of the hours in the days have been filled with shopping (getting quite tiring now- haggling's great for a while...but when you cant even walk a foot up the road without being offered AT LEAST ten various items at the same time (5 of which you are usually already either wearing/carrying!!) it tends to get just a wee bit irritating!! In fact, I'm thinking I may need some serious anger management on return!!, celebrating birthdays and leaving parties (our large group is slowly dissentegrating after many fab times, as people make for home and other exciting destinations) and eating lots of nice food....God, life's tough hey?

Have also had a sound healing session and some salsa classes, both thanx to our south american buddy Fernando, who yesterday congratulated me on my 20th birthday by, welcoming me to the second floor my friend=)- which I thought was a pretty cool way of putting it=)!

And then? Well yesterday I had to celebrate my own birthday, that one was a real drag=)!! But really, what an awesome day it
was=)!!! Managed to do my dancing yoga class both in the morning and in the evening ( to get limbered up for the dance floor hey=)!!) and couldn't have chosen a nicer way to start my birthday=)!!, got a Birthday Ayruvedic massage from Fernando in the afternoon, which was pretty cool after all the stretching, then went for yummy mexican food, free cocktails (it's great
having a birthday=)!!!)...more free cocktails- and a lamp I just loved in this one bar- so they gave it to me- yipppee!!, a HUUUUGE birthday cake from the guys I'm travelling with and the ring I've been trying to haggle down to a decent price for the last week and just love, and had just about given up on that day as I stormed out of the jewellers shouting something about bad
karma (don't ask=)!!!)- so anyway, these guys went and bought it for me- which was absolutely awesome- the night finished with many hours of dancing with the locals.... and a toblerone bar=) (any good day should end with chocolate I think!)- So anyway, with a nice start like that, I'm fairly certain that 20 should be just as great a year as the last has been=)!!!!

And after that I'll be finishing off my 8 months on the road at a little Nepalese Village near the Chittwan National Park (36C!!argh!!!) teaching a bit of English and helping out in the orphanage there for a couple of weeks, which I'm really looking forward to!!

Then it's back to Mumbai...which I can either do in a week overland, with a LOT of hassle, probably some breakdowns, and a lot of heat... but without much money...or I can fly directly from Kathmandu in 2 hours!!! Spending a bit more money...but instead savinga few billion nerves of mine , which, seeming as they are already at quite a dangerously low level after India, I think might be the way to go- and I'll justify it as my birthday present to my soul=)!!

Loads of love,

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