hakuna matata!

Welcome to my all new African diary. This time next week I will be leaving this cold and grey isle for the sunny shores of Tanzania, swapping ready supplies of curly wurlies for oogali and the sight of squirrels from my window for lions.

For those of you that don’t know my name is Linz and after the stresses of A Levels I decided that I deserved a year off. Luckily for me the nice people at Oxford agreed and let me defer uni for a year. So, released from school and blinking slightly I set upon my year of freedom.

So far I have led a camp in Hungary about Europe for Slovak, Hungarian and Serbian girl guides, volunteered in a former concentration camp, adding to the memorial and meeting former inmates and acquired a taste for sun, scuba and salsa in Mexico. Next came the boring bit and, much to the amazement of my friends, I actually got a job and earned some money. However, luckily for me I have only got two more days to go before hanging up my keyboard and getting ready to go.

Next week I begin a nine month placement with the charity Student Partnership Worldwide. I will spend a month getting basic training and then, paired up with a Tanzanian vlounteer, will be placed in a school in rural Tanzania. Its a scary, but exciting prospect. SPW works to empower young people through non-formal education (for that read balloons, songs and stickers) and to equip them with the information and life skills to deal with issues such as malaria and AIDS.

So, here goes…

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