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the girl with the gaffa taped shoe

Updated 13 years, 1 Month ago

In Tanzania it is never easy for me to fade into the background and remain unnoticed- the blonde hair and pale skin see to that. However, I have never felt more foreign or strange than yesterday morning when three of us got up for a run in the morning.

Deciding that we needed to keep our fitness levels up if we wanted to have a shot at kili we left for an early morning run. When we set out at 6.15 am and headed acrosss the fields. It was beautiful. After feeling a little cooped up in the training cenre it was fab to get out and to explore. At first there were only a few people about, but by the time we headed back people were out in force on their way to work and school. As we ran past and greeted them in swahili we were greeted with stares

One lady seemed to sum it up, explaining to her husband 'crazy mzungus!'

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