My Best Kept Secret

A few years ago whilst going out with some bloke,
We went on a day’s fishing, just for a joke.
He was quite good, I thought I wasn’t bad,
Then out came this comment from that Jack the Lad.

“Girls have their place; they belong in the home,
And if they don’t comply, they’ll end up alone,
Outdoor pursuits are better left to the boys”
I just looked at him and thought what a pile of noise.

A couple of weeks after buying some gear,
I signed up with an angling club and oh my dear!
Threading a hook is not the easiest of tasks,
And catching carp is not easy, even when they bask.

After a few months of learning and lots of help from the guys,
To my opinionated boyfriend I laid out a surprise.
He was to meet me at our local lake,
And I knew that no more the Mickey he would take.

He turned up when the tournament was about half way,
I’d caught 25lbs of bream so far through the day.
His face was priceless, full of surprise,
And his massive male ego was soon cut to size.

Now I fish for the County, I’m the only girl,
If you ever fancied it ladies, you should give it a whirl.
I leave the boyfriend at home, he’s a sore loser,
And while I fish he gets busy with the hoover!

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