What to take on a Round the World Trip?

Does this list sound totally crazy?

I am going in travelling in November for 6 months travelling to, LA, New Zealand, Australia & Singapore! I am very excited and have been doing loads of research on what to pack and what not to pack. I have decided that I should share all the vital information I have gathered with you all as I know a review like this would of helped me so much.


I have been doing lots of research on backpacks recently; you can get top loaders and side loaders. I was advised that a side loader can be easier to find things, but top loaders are cheaper to buy. Depending on your budget/needs they range in price from £19-99 – £250 plus.

I suppose it depends on what your personal priorities are. You can also buy backpacks in a variety of sizes, I automatically thought I should get the biggest one so that I could take as much stuff with me as possible, of course I didn’t think about the fact that I would have to carry it.

Someone on one the forums I have been on described herself doing the ‘Ladybird’ falling over backwards with her legs kicking in the air trying to get up again! This really made me laugh and with that thought in mind I have decided to go with a wheelie case instead.

Wheelie Holdall/ Suitcase:

Depending on the type of trip you are doing another option is of course to take a wheelie case. I have decided to do this as I don’t plan on doing any major hiking while I am away and if I did I would leave my bag in a locker at the hostel. I am also worried about injuring my back as I am not used to doing that sort of thing. I will have to update you when I start my trip as to if I have made the correct choice or not.

Day Pack: It is also a good idea to take a day pack, I am taking a small rucksack with me, I can fit everything I need on a daily basis in it. I am also taking a thin money belt that I can wear under my clothes to put all my cards, money passport in safely away.


I have had to be really strict with myself when it comes to taking clothes; I have got an extensive wardrobe and have found it really hard to leave behind my heels and party dresses. I have been told that I need to be practical & to try and pack things that match. I have created a list which is probably still too long but I am going to cram it all in anyway.

The best way to pack is to roll the clothes; I think I am going to be an expert packer by the time I have finished the 6 months. You can also buy packing cubes and compression packs to help you organise your backpack.

Under Garments:

10 x knickers
2 pairs of socks
2 bras, 1 white, 1 black,
2 z swimming costumes, 1x bikini, 2 x sarongs
1x cotton pyjamas, 1x short pyjamas


1x Black linen trousers
1x Jeans
2x Cropped black trousers
3 x Halter neck summer dresses (roll really small)

2 x strapped tops
1x halter neck top
3 x evening/going out tops
4 x light weight t-shirts
1 x Black Cardigan

1 x Thin fleece

1X waterproof


Flip Flops (Soft ones)
1x pairs of ballet pumps.
1xplastic shoes for the showers (or jelly shoes)


Round the world travel adaptor
Travel towel
Travel alarm clock (with dual time)
Travel journal
Rough Guide to Australia Book
Money Belt
Padlocks & Keys
MP3 Player
Digital Camera and Charger
Sun glasses
Sleeping Bag Liner
Travel Pillow
Pillow case with a pocket sewn in (this was a brilliant idea given to me by a friend, who explained you can store all your important documents in your pillow while you sleep)
Travel Washing Line
Travel Wash for clothes no water needed type
Mini Torch

Wash Stuff:

Hanging wash bag (This will be useful to hang on shower doors etc)
Small shampoo and conditioner
Soap in soap case
Small toothpaste
Hair brush, bands & clips
Small sun tan lotion
After sun
Small make up bag size on pencil case with essentials
Facial make remover wipes

First Aid Kit

Bite cream
Insect repellent (can anyone suggest a good one?)
Imodium (for dodgy tummies)
Insect replant (Again another tip I have had from a friend is not to buy any insect repellent with more than 50% Deet in it as it will rot your clothes)

Travel Documents:

Tickets, print outs of hostel bookings if made any
Some cash for when first arrive in each country
Bank cards

I am also going to keep electronic copies of all important information on my email and copies with my parents in the UK so if anything does goes missing I can still get access to the information I require.

Whether you’re a newbie traveller looking for help or a backpacking veteran with words of wisdom to share, our community is waiting for you.

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