Universal Studios

Before I even got to LA I knew that I wanted to go to Universal Studios, I am a fan of the movies and this was an opportunity I was going to miss out on, a chance to see the sets from famous movies like Jaws and War of the Worlds, and many rides built around the movies like the Jurassic Park Ride.

On entrance to the park you already feel like star with a red carpet waiting for you to walk down the excitement was overwhelming for me, this is a place I had wanted to go to for ages, it was all very well presented and immaculately clean compared to theme parks that I have been to in the UK.

The first ride we went on was The Haunted House, this has to be one of the scariest things I have ever done, rather than sitting in a ride you are invited to walk around the house at your own pace. Well there are things that pop out at you, people dressed up chasing you and the worst room of all for me was full of bodies hanging in bags that you have to push past to get through; I was convinced that someone was going to grab me.

Nest stop was the Animal Actors show, this is on several times a day and is well worth a visit, for this show you are entertained by the animal actors, we met dogs, cats, pigs, monkeys and birds the day we went and also got to see how they were trained to do certain things on our screens. The most interesting part for me was finding out about the making of ‘Evan All Mighty’ it was interesting as I had just seen the film on the plane over, you really don’t realize the hard work that is put into training the animals we see on our screens, they make it look so easy!

One of my favorite things to do at Universal has to be the Studio Tour! It is an absolute must do! I am not sure if it should be described as a ride or a tour as it sort of covers both areas, basically you hope on a bus that takes you through the sets and scenes of some classic movies and you get see the action come to life before your eyes! War of the Worlds had to be one of the best sets to go through, such immense detail also Jaws and King Kong where great, you also get to see some TV series sets like Desperate Housewives.

Another great show is Water World; this runs different times throughout the day so make sure you get a timetable when you enter the park as you won’t want to miss this! Water World is an amazing water show with great stunts and explosions! Be warned you will get wet! So if you want to stay dry don’t sit near the front!

Other great rides include The Mummy Returns which a scary roller costar based around the film and the Jurassic Park ride which is also a water ride and getting wet is guaranteed!

As well as the rides they also have some great behind the scenes walk through rooms which are very entertaining and interesting, The Special Effects rooms are brilliant, three different rooms showing how they make things look bigger than they are on camera how they can change backgrounds and how they operate monsters in movies! Also the behind the scene of the film Back Draft is amazing but very hot as you get to walk through a burning room!!

Throughout the park you have the opportunity to get your photo taken with different characters, we were lucky enough to meet The Simpson’s, and also got to see the Blues Brothers Show which is on throughout the day.
You can’t go wrong with a day at Universal it has something for everyone and if you are a big movie buff like me then even better! You will be pleased to here that it is not outrageously priced either a day pass was $64, other passes and prices are available online so check it out at www.universalstudioshollywood.com.

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