Walk of Fame!!

On my recent round the world trip LA was my first destination, I have always wanted to go to LA and walk down the star studded Hollywood Walk of Fame and this was my perfect opportunity!

I spent a week in LA although I would say that is probably too long, you only really need a few days to see the main attractions and it is a good place to visit as part of a road trip in the USA, maybe adding a stop or two in Vegas or San Francisco as well.

Being on budget I opted to stay in hostel just off the Hollywood Boulevard but accommodation is available for all budgets. I was told that unless you have a car it is very hard to get around LA but I have to say thanks to the helpful staff at our hostel we managed just fine by public transport. Trains and buses run daily and are cheap and easy to use as long as you know where you are headed.

The main attractions in Hollywood are:

Universal Studios (which I have already reviewed in great detail) it is a great day out for all ages and is really interesting to anyone with a love of the movies. I would recommend this as my top thing to do in LA.
Disney Land of course is another highlight! (Already reviewed) This is the place where dreams come true and is an amazing place to visit. Who doesn’t want to meet Mickey Mouse?

The Hollywood sign of course is a must do!! You can see it from a distance if you walk along the Hollywood Boulevard, but it is well worth a closer look. As you walk along the street you will get approached by many people selling limo tours to the sign and tours of the stars houses etc but depending on your budget will depend which option you take. Sadly I couldn’t stretch to a limo ride on this trip but a little tip for you, you can get a bus as far as you can and then walk!!! It was actually really nice to walk through the Beverly Hills and see all the weird and wonderfully expensive houses that surround the sign, it took us about half an hour but it was worth it! We got a real sense of achievement and the photo now means so much more.

The Hollywood Boulevard with its Walk of Fame is also worth seeing, you can’t really miss it!! Take some time out of your day to walk along both sides, looking at the stars as you go to see if you can find your favorite stars!
I have to say it isn’t quite as glamorous as I thought it would be as of course it is a side walk and so becomes very dirty.

The Chinese Theatre is a great place to see; you get a chance to have a look at the handprints from the stars in the cement out front! We went early in the morning to avoid the crowds and I was very glad that we did as it meant we could get loads of photos without people getting in our way.
Hollywood also has some great beaches, the weather wasn’t so great when we went so we couldn’t really enjoy them, but you can take a bus to Santa Monica or Malibu Beach very easily.

Eating Out:
As in most places in America you will never be short of places to eat! As we were of a tight budget we didn’t eat out much but when we did we ordered just one meal and shared it as it was sooooo huge! Also bare in mind those soft drinks are often free to refill so you only need to pay for one!

One place we did eat in was sports bar called Big Wang’s, the food was great, we had a basket of BBQ ribs and fries and a side salad the size of the main course to share between and even then we couldn’t finish it! If you need some where to go then I recommend it Situated on Sunset Boulevard.
If you want to go somewhere for a snack or light refreshment then The Disney Soda Fountain and Studio Store, 6834 Hollywood Blvd., it is well worth a visit and may I recommend the Ice Cream Sundaes they are amazing!!

Night Life:
LA is not the sort of place where you want to be walking the streets at night, so I would recommend you take a taxi when you head out at night and make sure you know where you heading too. I didn’t really go out much as the hostel had a great bar so I can’t recommend anything I am afraid.

I had a great time in LA but I don’t think it is a place I will go back to now I have done it! I am glad that I have though. As I said at the start of my review a few days just to say I have been their and done that is enough really.

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