Free 2012 London Summer Olympics Trip Planner

I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited about a trip!  I’m traveling to Europe for the fist time ever and will be going to some of the events at the London Summer 2012 OLYMPICS!!!

The only downside is that I’m only going to be there for 5 days and I understand there is so much to do and see, in addition to the Olympics, that I hope I can squeeze it all in.

I’m one of those uber organized people so I am creating my own itinerary (aka my “Carnet” as they call it there!) so I don’t loose any of my valuable time when I am there.  I’m using a site named that has it all.  I picked my hotel based proximity to the games.  Then, I picked out some interesting restaurants, shopping and museums on their site which then maps it all out for me.  The site reviews virtually everything.  I also got a  FREE 2012 London Olympics Trip Planner which I found here:

Once I set up my itinerary on the site, I was able to send it to my mobile phone!

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