A big 12 months.

12 months from now I will be handing in my final assignment of my university career and saying goodbye to a lot of fantastic people I have met whilst studying here. But what is the next step, I am currently saving for a holiday for next summer, however with so many places possible I’m finding it hard to make a definite decision. The first option would be to have a lads holiday with the boys from uni and have a massive send off before we head in our different directions. The second option is a summer camp in the US of A where i would be able to take up some coaching and bolster my CV with the experience before doing a PGCE and hopefully becoming a P.E Teacher, and the third option would be to go and volunteer as a sports coach in another country possibly South Africa or Australia which would also be a great experience and would look great on the CV.

All of these options have a good case forward for me to go, however I just cant make the choice. A summer camp in America would be a great experience and a lot of them are only open to full time students, which means next year is my last opportunity. A holiday with my friends is another one where it is unlikely we will get the chance to do it again as we live in different places in the country. And finally volunteer work abroad, although this could be done at another time whether I will have to time to do it around working could also limit the chances. all of them would be great experiences but I just don’t know what to choose.

I have looked forward to going travelling for some years now and I’m finally coming to the age where it is looking viable, but I don’t want to let my friends down either. what should I do?

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